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Message 18849 - Posted: 11 Apr 2007, 6:11:58 UTC

While chat goes on and I have not been busy with Donations. Progress is happening...

The efforts of many Beta Testers have identified a problem and hopefully, we will have new things to test for astropulse Friday...

Shameless Bragg; yesterday I sent a check to Seti for the gigabyte switch that is needed to resolve some of the issues that are holding up progress... I also know that many have contributed between six and eight+ thousand dollars in hardware to help Seti Survive... At this point my wife has no idea that the check was sent...

I have seen where a Seti Beta Abuser that is running Chickens App asked for help to get around/avoiding testing Astropulse...

I still see a bit of infighting... I am not sure what you do not get... People that Volunteer to Help Seti should be respected... What I get in the background is that there are some are like the Seti Beta Number 1 user... There is SOMETHING BEING ABUSED! WHAT DO YOU NOT GET...

If You have not donated, and still continue to enjoy what you think is free! Then you need to go look... There is No Free Lunch... Everything has a Cost! Be Prepared to Pay that Cost!

You know my public email address... If you have lost it then I will repost it...



Thanks to Paul and Friends
Please consider a Donation to the Seti Project
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