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Message 15736 - Posted: 8 Mar 2007, 3:53:29 UTC
Last modified: 8 Mar 2007, 4:01:55 UTC

Okay Folks

Some Very Good News The Replacement Server is a Dual 2.6 Xeon with 12Gig (will be) of RAM is being built. The bulk of the OS Install and the build should be completed on Thursday... There have been many that have donated Motherboard, CPU's, RAM, the case, Fiberchannel cards, Drives and Memory... Some want to recognized and others that want to just be in the background. I Respect that, so no names mentioned! Eric Knows!

So after a bit of testing I presume that it will take a few days to migrate data from kryten... We hope that it will majickly appear by the next weekly outage...

All I can say is that "IF" we put our minds/resources together and a bit of Funds "WE" can Help to insure that Seti Survives...

Thank You, to Everyone that has found a way to Help! I know that some would if they had the resources, Seti Understands...

We still have other drives to get replaced... More on that later... Or watch Donate Hardware II



Thanks to Paul and Friends
Please consider a Donation to the Seti Project
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