(Not so) Hard to say I'm sorry.

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Message 5445 - Posted: 14 Jun 2006, 13:02:18 UTC
Last modified: 14 Jun 2006, 13:03:20 UTC

My remorse:

Today I looked at wu's my crunchers crunched and found my current Linux crunchers claimed a little bit higher than they actually were granted (65 vs. 62). An omen of something flashed in my mind. I checked my source file, seti.h and found the multiplier was a bit higher than it should have been!! Sorry... I got more credits (about 3) for one wu (I think only one) than it should be. this one. Sorry for that.

The story is I recompiled my crunchers 2-3 days ago, after Eric had raised it by 5% 8 days ago. I didn't notice Eric had increased the factor, and I just thought the newer, the better. I should have been careful especially here in beta.
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Questions and Answers : Unix/Linux : (Not so) Hard to say I'm sorry.

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