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Message 2664 - Posted: 15 Feb 2006, 16:41:50 UTC
Last modified: 15 Feb 2006, 16:52:06 UTC

Just joined here and downloaded the v5.05 app yesterday and started crunching my first wu as a beta tester.
I have noticed that neither the 4.02 client or the 5.05 app have any graphs/info available in boinc (the "show graphics" button is grayed out). I downloaded kboincspy and it gave me some graphs/charts and other info on the 4.02 client but the only thing available in 5.05 is the progress bar.
Did I miss something in the download? or is this info not being supplied by the client? I noticed that the directory for the standard seti has quite a few .csv data files in it that are missing from the enhanced beta directory. Or could these have been created by kboincspy and there's an incompatibility with it and the v5.05 app? (I didn't look in the directory prior to installing kboincspy to see if these data files already existed.)
If you say there's nothing missing in either my download or the app itself, I'll ask this question to the kboincspy developers.
I'm interested in results, not credits or fancy graphics, etc. but it is nice to at least have a way to see what signals, etc. have been found in a wu instead of just crunching and not knowing anything about it. I know you professionals would have to determine whether a particular signal was important, but I just enjoyed the feedback telling me that "hey a signal of some kind was found in this wu" was very gratifying.

Check the Boinc Wiki
Or the NEW SETI Enhanced FAQ
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Message 3292 - Posted: 8 Mar 2006, 21:41:33 UTC

It could be, that the graphic features are not compiled in into the linux client. - But I am not shure.
What did a "ldd setiathome-5...." say ? - Is the libjpeg and some GL or Mesa libs included ?

Normaly the number crunching forums are readen by the most people. I think, that you there get more detailed awnsers on your question.
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