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Astro 10-Lecture 14: Large Scale Structure and Cosmology

Extra Credit Assignment

Review: Structure in the Universe

Superclusters, Walls, and Voids.

But on the largest scales the universe begins to look smooth


Which brings us to cosmology.

Start with something even more basic...

Possible Reasons….

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Searching for an answer

How old is the universe?

“The Observable Universe”

“Lookback time”

Assumptions in Cosmology

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Basic Concepts of Cosmology

Basic Concepts: The Big-Bang Theory

More Basic Concepts of Cosmology

The geometry of the universe

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Mass and Energy determine the curvature of the universe

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How do we tell what the geometry of the universe is?

Determining the Geometry of Space-Time

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Same is true for volume

How else can we measure the geometry of Space-Time?

Determining the Geometry of Space-Time

Contributions to the Mass and Energy of the Universe

What is Dark Matter?

Back to the Big Bang Theory

A Big-Bang Timeline

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The Four Forces

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Inflation flattens the universe

Predictions of Inflation Theory

Continuing the timeline

Big Bang Nucleosynthesis

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Continuing the Big-Bang Timeline

The Cosmic Microwave Background

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Cosmic Microwave Background

So back to the problem: Where is the missing mass/energy?

The Cosmological Constant

The Cosmological Constant aka Dark Energy

The properties of dark energy

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Structure formation

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