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Astro 10 - Lecture 10: Our Milky Way Galaxy

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Quick Reminders:

Brief recap (2)



Our Milky Way Galaxy

Another Galaxy Like Ours

Galaxy Properties

Parts of Our Galaxy

Open Clusters

Galaxy Properties (2)

Globular Clusters

How do we know this?

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Finding the Center

How far away is the center?

Cepheid Variables

Distance and Direction of Galaxy Center

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Where are We?

Finding the Mass of the Galaxy

Mass of the Galaxy (2)

Mass of Galaxy (3)

Rotation Curves

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Dark Matter


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Origin of Galaxy

Stellar Orbits

Modelling Stars and Galaxies

Galaxy Formation: Theory

Galaxy Formation: Problems

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Center of Galaxy: Radio Observations

Center of the Galaxy: Gas Spiral

Center of Galaxy: Infrared Observations

Center of Galaxy: Theory

Center of Galaxy: Is it really a BH?

“Proving” a theory?

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What’s Next?

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