ASTR 10, Vista College, Spring 2004

Instructor: Dr. Korpela




Homework assignments are due at the beginning of each class. Since I don't want any of us to fall too far behind, late homeworks will not be accepted. You may, however, e-mail me your homeworks (ask about acceptable formats), or contact me to arrange to fax it in. I will not accept any homeworks once I have handed out the solutions, or posted them on the website.

The homework assignments total 20% of your final grade.

Please be as neat as possible in your write-ups. It is difficult to grade something that cannot be read, and I will not waste my time trying to decipher illegible material. Please clearly write your name on every page you turn in, and please staple multiple pages together.

I encourage you to discuss homework assignments with one another. Do not, however, copy from one another. Turn in your own homework, written up in your own way. I will be on the lookout for "carbon-copy" homeworks. If you work together in a group, please put the names of the other people in your group at the beginning of your homework.

You MUST explain your answers! Credit will not be given unless I am convinced you understand the material. This means that on the problems which are mostly mathematical or involve diagrams you will not get full credit just by writing down equations and numbers. You must explain, in words, what it is you are doing with the math. This not only lets me know that you understand, but it will help you not get lost.

Despite this, brevity is desirable. No answer should be longer than a single short paragraph, unless more is specified in the question.

Quizzes and Classroom Exercises

Most weeks, I will grade either a quiz (at the beginning of lecture) or the results of a classroom exercise. Here again, neatness is a necessity, and the work must be your own. There will not be any provision for missed quizzes and classroom exercises. Each one will only contribute approximately 1% to your final grade, however, for a total of 15%.

Labs and Other Small Projects

These assignments must (as for the homeworks), be your own work. Late papers will be accepted for one week for 50% (half) credit. Detailed expectations and grading scheme will be included with each assignment, but their total will be 20% of the final grade.


The exams will be held in class on February 27, April 10, and May 22. Speak to me well in advance if you have an unavoidable conflict. Otherwise, only a serious medical emergency will convince me to allow a make-up exam.


I take grading seriously, and will be careful. If, however, you believe that there has been an error in the grading of your work, I ask that you follow the following guidelines.

Academic Conduct

Learning occurs not only in class, but also in discussions with others in the class. Studying together and working together on assignments are encouraged. But you MUST turn in your own write-up of the work in your own words. I will be on the lookout for 'carbon-copy' homeworks. This is dishonest. Cheating of any kind will not be tolerated.