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We tried back in '03 on and off and on and on again over the years to get going with SETI, but I kept getting lost building PC's as a hobby and sending them to people (retired vet's in long term care or on the outs and can't afford one)and then just using what we have built up to watch movies on or go to a place where all friends are and talk. For some reason I couldn't get the hang of running the program right but got it good enough now to use some of the PC's we had back then!!!
My wife is disabled and has been in a wheelchair since 1986, I met her in the hospital in 1995 when I was a Licensed Nurse in the emergency department, and we started our journey in the spring of 1996 (we've been together 20 years, and after a 5.5 year "courtship", we married in 2001.).
We love to travel, and we don't do the "2 day 3 night" things, full 2 weeks when we go: Maui, Cancun, Oregon Coast, Las Vegas (The Stratosphere, and yes, we did everything you can do in Vegas, even "The HitchingPost Wedding Chapel". Researched it and found about it's history and decided on it instead of where all the stars go. {We had a real preacher instead of a 10 minute get one on line certificate/license and file $17.00 with the county, and anybody can be a "preacher", including "Elvis".} We didn't want one of those cheesy type wedding's, nope, not even in Vegas ;) )
She has an awesome PC. She picked packed and delivered herself an ASUS M3A78-CM, AMD 6000+ Athlon x64 dual core, AMD/ATI "Oland"/R7 260 OC 2Gb video card, 8 gig's of KVR 1066, dual channel . It's sweet, SETI running at the same time as Netflix™, all wrapped up in an old original solid aluminum X-Blade case in alien green light and is almost to bright to sleep near, and when it gets cold in the winter we just turn the several thousand fan's up and it heats the house-and dims the lights too.
We are both retired. I guess I had to take an early out from the emergency room, I put in 15 years, but worked about 23 in those 15. I felt the need for fresh air and had a tile roofing co. for a few years, market started looking bad so I turned it and broke even-that ain't bad, and then needed even fresher air so I went back to almost what I did after the Marine Corps, went drilling for natural gas as a derrick hand for a company that drills here in the coast range, Mist Ore. The only place in the world that could expect rain in some form or fashion on a daily basis. I ended up remodeling my whole lower back all by myself, and that just kinda finished me off. Back on top of wore to the nub knees. A very understanding surgeon took a 3.5 hour tour of about 6 inches of my T-12 to S-1, gave me an inch and a quarter in height back, and way reduced the pain, except what was permanently messed up. Getting ready for my next surgery, both knees replaced, and why I don't know, another trip for my back again, & am not looking forward to that, but bed and a laptop, and just ignore whatever they are doing me in PT, be some where else mentally, and remind my self it's just boot camp-part 2/42 years later-and see what it's like from the "patient" point of view. Wife has agreed to let me use her and her chair as a walker if need be. Maybe. She can really wheel extremely fast at times, the mall want's to impose a speed limit.
More to follow.....
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Really want to know if they are transmitting, even if it is not out towards us, might just pick up on some ET disc jockey spinnin' some wanna-be "ET-Elvis" to his 0200 listeners and fan's and maybe a stalker who wants 'ol "Dave" to "play Misty for ET". Sounds kinda close any way.....
If they are there, 240 light years away, who says they really are smarter, faster, or can make a better burrito than we can? As it goes, we are the creatures from outer space. Laugh at it if you wish, but we are "Terrestrial invaders" when we enter the water and stay under invading the sub marine world and staying there in a UFO (Unidentified Floating Object) We should make a blimp and try to orbit our own planet. Or have we tried that? Maybe try to build one of those telephone/teleporter booths that take you to where ever you dial, someone probably has one on the drawing board as your reading this. Who wants to be the first one to dial up some distant star? The things that could go wrong...yeah, "I can't complete that call, please hang up and redial your number"...Or some wild thing like running into our self as our dimension brushes against our other dimension momentarily? Issac Asimov. Scientist? Science fiction writer? Carl Sagan? And science fiction, is it, or is it the ground work for the future. So, like we are ever going to put a man on the moon? Two? Ridiculous. It was HollyWeird, just a movie wasn't it? And try it more than once? Betcha next they are gonna come along and tell us we got guys living up there. Like a "space station" or something or another. So much science mixed with so much sarcasm, a waste of brain activity...maybe.
ET, he/it/that/those/them/she/carbon based/ silicon based/mammal etc./mineral/gaseous/or anything I may have missed not wanting to be EToliticaly incorrect, might be just like anyone of us on the entire planet-including those that have come and gone and returned as fossil fuel. ET could be those dolphins the we can communicate with. I hear that ham operators can talk to some guys living in outer space. Are they? Points to ponder. A whole night sky full of them, points of light that ain't even where we see them today because they are so far away that we wouldn't know if anyone was there because they may have come and gone in the 200 thousand light years it has taken for the message to reach earth, which would not of been where it is today then. Ponder that.
Just a thought.
Like a can that has a missing label, you just don't know 'till you open it.
Happy hunting-stay safe!
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