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Greetings! I am a retired employee with The United States Government. Participating in this project is an experiment for me.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I’ve elected to run SETI to contribute something to the search for extraterrestrial intelligence, thus SETI.

Less than 600 years ago, we thought the earth was flat. We now travel into and about the solar system and many STILL think we are alone. This is not just unlikely, but impossible! Humankind will endure, only by exploration of the universe and in the search for, and contact with other celestial based species.

Several years ago I participated in an online discussion with Stephen Hawking and my comments were partially published in his opinion of mankind’s likelihood of mankind existing 100 years from now.

I wrote to Mr. Hawking then, firmly believe today and participate in SETI for these reasons:

I perceive, that which is created by man, politics, social structure, and environmental changes, have always been and will always be, a small speck or footnote on the timeline of the universe. While as a species we will continue to exist for another 500 years, changes are certain. The socioeconomic footprint we enjoy today will certainly be viewed as a glutton if we do not find alternate forms of energy, through the development of solar resources, cold fusion, or other means not understood by humans today. For the human race to survive, the world must enjoy and share those resources and focus on the common cause; sustain the human race.

As a species, we MUST defend our existence, explore and colonize other planets; starting in our own solar system; our own moon. We must as a people, think forward and recognize the longevity of the human race is dictated by what we do today, by the sparks we ignite in our children now, by the investments we make to help others. Without immediate intervention, a lot of foresight and action now, in a thousand years, some other race will look at earth and wonder why, with all our grandeur and intelligence, civilization on this planet collapsed.
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