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Personal background
from the Managing Director of NETNOTTS Limited...

I've been interested in computing since age 11 (I'm a creaky 33year old now).
Whilst born and currently living in Nottingham, UK I have worked all over the world (with the exception of the Pacific Ocean).

I founded NETNOTTS Limited to provide consultancy services to large corporates that have troubled networks due to organic growth of equipment (No, I don't mean Mould or Mildew :-)

But consultancy is an odd business of peaks & troughs of work so to suppliment NETNOTTS activities I have actively sought out various Multi-level-marketing, or Network Marketing opportunities. Yes, its a play on words for NETNOTTS complete with tag-line of Making Sense of Networks but there has to be some corny humour in there somewhere.

I'm a single parent with 4 kids. So, what with the consultancy, network marketing and the demands of my kids it's a pretty busy household!

Equipment in the home (work from home) there's a couple of Gigabit Ethernet network switches (3Com) interconnecting Windows 2000, Novell, Linux and Mac OS X boxes. Around the home is wireless 802.11b connected laptops and wired-desktops.

My internet link is wireless symmetric-DSL running at 512kbps protected by a 3Com SuperStack 3 Firewall and Microsoft ISA Server. By the way, I used to work for 3Com in various roles including Marketing Strategy Manager for Advanced Server Network Cards.

OK, now I'm rabbiting on so I'll stop there. Please take a look at my website and maybe, whereever you are in the world, you might need my services, or maybe just like to buy household products or diets :-) All helps to feed me and my kids, so it's a worthy cause - and naturally pays the electricity bill to keep Seti alive at Home :-)
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe simply by the laws of probability that ET does exist. I just hope we make full and mutually beneficial contact with ET in my lifetime.

If ET discovers us first then I guess we'll be the ones looking like a backward race. Either way I hope that there analysis of us goes deeper than just looking at wars and political structures and instead focuses on the people that care about the SETI style projects that could help ALL of us.

I think we're probably sending out enough information from TV signals etc to light up ourselves on the galactic charts rather than one specific beacon. I hope ET tunes in to the DiscoveryChannel rather than Erotica :-) Though I guess they'd quickly learn about our anatomy on both channels :-)

I run SETI@Home because I want to feel part of the team that jointly discovers ET. For the better good of us all.

If SETI programs consumed even 10% computing power that 'Windows' does on EVERY PC worldwide then I think we'd have discovered ET in the first 10 minutes of looking. Ask good 'ole Bill to embed SETI@Home in his next shipment of Windows.

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