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Personal background
I'm a 58 years old electrical engineer working for a train operating company.
I live in Ruislip in the county of Middlesex where I have lived for the past 27 years.

My hobbies revolve around shortwave radio RX'ing with a group called Enigma 2000 (E2K). Further to this I partake in a little angling (course fishing)normally during the summer months when weather permitting.

My interests extend to most things scientific and hence an avid reader of New Scientist. I find quantum physics a fascinating subject and just wished there was a pill available that would boost, significantly, my IQ level. On the subject of quantum physics, Lisa Randall's book, "Warped Passages - Unravelling the Universe's Hidden Dimensions", is a must to read.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do I run Seti@home ?

I suppose because it gives me a chance to get involved in scientific research even if it's only analysing RX signals coming from outer space. Although one must say, " It's not me that's doing the analysing, it's my computers".

What are my views about the project ?

The project it's-self is both sound in principle and logical in approach.
Yes, if we are only looking for radio waves that were used for communications etc by another form of highly intelligent life living somewhere off in the outer universe. But what if this other life were far more advanced than what we currently are. Along with this, this life were/are navigating our universe stretching over oh-so many trillions of miles then they could only do so using a better more instantaneous form of communication. The latter meaning that they would not be using either radio waves or light as this means to communicate.
To communicate back to their home planet they will require a more effective system that naturally gives a faster positive feedback effect. We need to find this new form of communication before we ever could consider becoming inter-galactic space travelers. To this end if we can discover a new faster form of communication then this could then be monitored to see if any other intelligent life form as advanced or more advanced than us are also using it. Well, if there is a more advanced life out in the universe then they would have discovered this faster form of communication so would be using it or have had used it. To this end if there is a faster form of communication, and there must be, this virtually because of it's speed will have over-taken in distance traveled any radio waves that they once transmitted prior.
If we finally discover this faster form of communication and then monitor it in the same way we do the radio waves via seti@home then if we find no traces of it coming in from outer space then there is a good chance that this means we are the most inteligent life form in our universe and possibly the only life form in total.
It's a bit of corner cutting theory on my behalf in hoping to trace some form of intelligent life other than our own inside our universe.It may take a thousand light years for some other planet's radio waves to reach us. We could still be 500 light years away from receiving it, yet only a second away from receiving their more advanced form of communication that they currently use which we have still to's there, we just need to find it.

Any suggestions ?

None, I leave that to you clever people.
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