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Personal background
I'm a retired flooring contractor. I am 50 now and am very interested in Computing and other Space, Science & Tech subjects. I am currently thinking about going back to college to realize my first love of life, a degree in Physics. They say it's never too late, I hope not.
Vacationing is a favorite pastime with my family. We have an ownership with "Worldmark the Club" which is a large worldwide network of 5 star hotels and Resorts. These are very nice places where there are a wide variety of things to do in each of the areas they are in. The nice thing is that you're not stuck in only one vacation resort, there are over 50 in the western U.S. alone.
I also like my trains. I have the LGB line of trains that are high quality and made in Germany. These are run on a large gauge (G scale, as opposed to HO which is very small scale) track and can even be run outside in all weather. We also like to Scuba Dive, but these days I have to travel a hundred miles to get to the ocean from home in Northern California. But comes in handy when vacationing near the ocean.
I am processing SETI units because I believe it to be a very good use of my computer downtime. I process them on two computers that are in my home network in which are constantly connected to the NET via Satellite for a faster turnaround. This whole idea of "Distributed Computing" can be a very powerful research tool. I hope to use some of my old "dinosaur" computers to research the Einstein project or possibly the cure for diseases application. Very exciting stuff! Imagine, the ordinary guy, having a hand in finding the cure for Cancer or finding Intelligence in our Universe itself. The potential for success can be enormous if everyone helps.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe that we cannot possibly be the ONLY intelligent life forms in the universe. It's just against the odds that we are. There are Solar Systems far older than we are.
Life will probably be encountered in our own solar system first. In a lower form of life, like a fungus or a mold or even microscopic bacteria on one of the many moons orbiting Jupiter or one of the other planets. Life can exist in some of the harshest environments we know of on our own planet. In the most extreme of temperatures. And atmospheres of pressure at the bottom of our oceans. There isn't any reason why it can't exist on other worlds also.
On the other hand, if there is an advanced civilisation out there monitoring our broadcasts from the last 75 years or so, then the message they send us may not be in our favor. Judging us, as a species, based on our News of the day alone would a negative one. What with all the war news and negative sentiment there is out there today. What other basis of opinion could there be?
The communication that we do receive may be closer to home, say from around our own Solar System, galactic distances are just too great for two way communication at our present technological advancement (4 years one way to the closest star at the speed of light). Maybe in the future there will be some form of "subspace tranmitter" on a wavelength unknown to us now. But when it comes, it's going to be HUGE NEWS. It's going to change the we, as a people, treat each other too. One Earth. One People. United in peace and harmony.
I hope of an Intelligence that is kind and understanding and benevolent. And I hope that they understand that, as a species have a long way to go yet, but deserves to continue on the path of knowledge.
On the other hand however, if extraterrestrials have been monitoring our radio waves and making conclusions based on that, then the outlook may not be good. Violence and War dominates our radio and Television frequencies far too much. They wouldn't have a favorable attitude towards us as a species at all then. God help us all then.
I see good science from our efforts with the SETI programs, this whole idea of distributed computing to do research is very exciting. I am going to use another one of my old computers to the Einstein project.
I would like to be able to do more SETI Units at a time on each of our systems. At this rate I'm getting 2 or 3 done a day. Maybe Multi platforming or multi instances of SETI under a different username.
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