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I grew up in the family business repairing TVs, VCRs, washers and dryers. After high school I attended Washington University in Saint Louis and majored in Electrical Engineering and minored in Experimental Psychology. I did not finish my degree at that time and continued in the family business for the next 20 years. I started Mobile Systems because my parents' business was not doing well and I specialized in auto sound systems. I am a hippie who still believes in the ideals of Love and Peace and treating all peoples with respect until they prove to me they do not deserve my respect.
I was diagnosed with depression in 1997 and now believe this disease contributed greatly to my failure to earn my degree in Electrical Engineering in the 70's. This is why I have developed an interest in medicinal herbs, as the pharmaceutical medications available today, while helpful enough to allow me to return to college, still can be greatly improved. I returned to college at the University of Missouri at Saint Louis and earned my bachelors degree in physiological psychology with a certificate in trauma in 2002. I have been working on a Masters degree in sociology, but may have to postpone work on this for a while due to circumstances beyond my control.
I am also attempting to promote research into using lightning as an energy source. Why we keep generating energy when it is so abundant all around us simply does not make sense. I relate it to combining hydrogen and oxygen to make drinking water when there is a clean creek at our feet. With lightning, there are no fuel or energy costs, and no losses due to the conversion of one form of energy to another. I have some ideas on a method to accomplish the task, but there may be other methods that will work as well. If we can control the energy of nuclear power, I profess that we should also be able to capture and use lightning as an energy source. We just have to do the research to reap the reward of a clean and immense renewable energy source. Thank you for your time reading this.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I have been interested in UFOs and related topics since the early ‘60s. In recent years, however, I have begun to believe there is an equal chance that UFOs are not distance travelers but time travelers. It may turn out that it is easier to travel through time than it is to travel great distances. This could also explain why the government releases such a limited amount of information in this area. If people from the future met with government officials and told them that the truth was not released until such and such a date, and that until then nothing should be released or it could have a negative impact on the future, the government may well agree. This would explain several mysteries as regards the seemingly illogical repression of information regarding UFOs by our government and others as well. It will be very interesting to see if SETI finds any signals, as this would make extra-terrestrial origin of UFOs again the most likely explanation. Only time will tell. Have a Good One! Love, Peace and Perception
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