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Personal background
I'm probably the only Confederate civil rights lawyer you're
ever gonna find. I've spent 30 years looking at various kinds of discrimination from race to citizenship status with some police brutality thrown in, though that
is more about Civil Liberties than Civil Rights. Check out

Confederate military history shows you can overcome all sorts of
odds with substance and style, though as history shows, there there
are limits. Similarly the civil rights movement demonstrates the same thing.
There are limits to the analogy, but it's useful to me.

I grew up in the Chicago area, but the Washington area is home now.
At the moment I'm working on life after government.

After over 30 years with the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, I made a move to the Department of Homeland Security which has welcomed this civil rights type. However, after some 35 plus years with the Feds I've called it quits. So life after government has assumed more pressing importance.

Currently running SETI off a computer I built myself using an Athlon 3000 processor. Alas only a 32 bit and not a 64 bit processor. Should have waited a little bit longer. Of course now they have dual core processors. Alas, so it goes. Used a Pentium 90 until I learned it wouldn't handle a high speed connection.

I ramble, but perhaps that's an accurate reflection of where I\\\\\\'m at
right now and a fitting profile.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
SETI is an extremely useful project. First it shows rather elegantly the power
of tying multiple computers together. The little guys can accomplish
a lot that way -- substance and style :=)

Second it may actually discover something. I don't know if there
is intelligent life out there, but I like to think so and obviously am quite willing
to be part of a project to find it.

But I wouldn't send a beacon just yet (yea I know Maverick, Bonanza, and Gunsmoke are reaching the far reaches of some galaxy, but still) . Think I'd just wait and see what we discover first. If they are really advanced they won't hesitate
contacting us if they think it is useful. If they are not that advanced, I'd
like to get some idea of what they're about first. Really don't want earthlings
to play the role of Native Americans when the colonists first arrived - Colonists
1 Native Americans 0 (at least so far).

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