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I was born and raised in Boulder Colorado. I have always been interested in science and very active in science groups from Jr high through High School

During my 6 years of University (Univ of Colo � Eng. Physics and Molecular Biology) worked at NCAR (National Center for Atmospheric Research) and since then stayed with computers.

Last 22 years spent in Brazil (Sao Paulo) before moving back up to US as computer system consultant. March 2007 picked up a project in Brazil, and was invited to stay here. So I am back here again

Hobbies include teaching SCUBA diving, fishing,horses, model trains and computers.

Favorite movie, Contact. Believe in what movie says, �If we are alone, what a waste of space.�

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1.9I believe in extraterrestrial life, (I do believe that God created it � drove it into creation but not on this planet Earth ). I believe that we will not find it and they have found us and we are actually being observed.

When they believe we are mature enough as a civilization, only then we will be contacted directly (face to face).

Benefits should give us hope, that we can and will drive to advance more and not destroy our planet. Danger are that we destroy planet Earth before we can mature, and the primitive religions can not or do not accept that there is other life. Christianity I believe will easy accept this.

2. 9If there is a civilization that is more advance than us, which sure of it, we do not need a beacon. They have already heard our signals. But again, we must remember, transmit signal today, will be hundreds of years for it to reach them. If worm holes are real (I expect they are) and other types of signals are faster than E.M. radiation communication will really be an other means, not even light. We have not discovered it yet.

3. I started with SETI a little after it was formed (think early 97) as I believe we are not alone. In those days, best computer I built (leading edge) was an Pent II at 300mhz. Still using it as a typing machine. Used to do a block in about 130 hours. Today my home computer does a block in 2.8 to 3.1 hours depending how I have it configured.

I just hope SETI keeps as a civilian project, and not like the movie Contact which I am afraid of if something is found, government would step in and try a cover-up. Working on other projects 25 or 30 years ago, I know cover-ups did exist. The �Eastern world� religions would have a hard time accepting it, but now I really do not care any more after 9-11. I think the project is great, my computers stays on SETI. It stays on 24x7 always.
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