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Somewhere in Hong Kong.

Lasers, Flashlights, Music, Computers and Astronomy
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do you run SETI@home?
The project may help to solve the secrets of life.

What are your views about this project?
Given the age of the Universe and the countless star systems we cannot be alone in this huge cosmos. I think intelligent life like ours are plentiful throughout the cosmos, separated and isolated by the huge interstellar distances and vast time-frames.

Making contact with them is seriously hindered by the huge distances of separation which very likely reduces any artificial radio signals to background noise, especially those terrestrial transmission leakages not intended to be broadcast to outer space, assuming that ET's broadcast their radio and TV like we do here on earth.
Even with intended broadcast to outer space, contact will be affected by factors like the concurrent existence of ET civilizations, say if an alien civilization lies 100 ly from Earth, for their radio signal to reach us now means they would have transmitted a century ago. Likewise, if they transmit now, our descendents would have to pickup the signals 100 years later, and could be missed if the receiving dishes are pointing in the wrong direction of the sky when the signal traverses.

Contact with advanced alien civilisations will probably be not good if all life in the universe are assumed based on mutation and natural selection which is very likely the case as here on earth.
Life that do not out compete the competitors are likely to go extinct; aggression, greed and selfishness are the fundamental qualities of evolved life, which, like other fundamental physical laws, govern the universe.

Any suggestions?
The huge interstellar distances and the vastness of space are the main obstacles of making contact. Contact with extant civilisations is just a matter of time.
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