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Personal background
I'm 21 years old, just finished studying Mathematics with Astronomy at Leicester. If there is anyone at Leicester, or anyone else locally (Northants), please get in touch with me at - I'd love to hear from you.

My hobbies include playing the guitar, listen to music, watching films and updating and maintaining my website, PlanetWeird (, where you can also join my SETI@home team.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe that it would be very self- centred to believe that there WASN'T any other form of intelligent life other than on our own planet.
I fully believe that there are forms of extraterrestrial life existing outside our atmosphere, and indeed, outside our solar system and galaxy, and I believe that one day either we will find them or they will find us. How and when, however, are questions to which I have no ability to speculate the answer. It could be tomorrow, could be next week, could be beyond the lifetime of any human living today.

The possible benefits from such a discovery are enormous: From the most obvious technological advancements we could make from a race advanced enough to make contact with us, to improving our knowledge of the extent of the boundaries within which life can form.

The dangers, I think, would not be from any lifeform we contacted, but from ourselves: The human race has propogated through film and television that all forms of extraterrestrial life are out to kill us, eat us, or blow us apart for the hell of it. I do not believe this is the case- any race which has advanced far enough to reach us across the vast vacuum of space must surely have developed past the use of unnecessary violence, and would almost certainly not be a warfaring species. Unfortunately, we have shown a tendancy to attack anything that is different, so if we were to be contacted, it would not suprise me if the human race acted in a hostile way against any visitors.

I think it may be a good idea to transmit a beacon for extraterrestrial species to find. The information sent should be an overview, a profile not dissimilar to this of the human race, with pictures, sounds and videos of landmarks in our history. It must be made in a way which does not convey hostility.

I run SETI@home because I would very much like some day to know the answer to the question of is there life out there? Running the SETI@home program gives me a chance to contribute what little I can to the search.
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