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I'm 58 yrs young. I'm a retired (through illness, been waiting for the last Voyage for too long now) I.T. and T. technician. Specializing in Large PBX Networks, was Manager for an 18,000 Lines PBX Network (S.A. Gov).
I love this SETI thing and hope this theme of searching is expanded to all other forms of communications.
I know we are not alone, how can it possibly be, even if Drakes' Equation is reduced by a huge factor, there lets say 1 Earth per Galaxy, then the number is still too big to fit on this 24 inch monitors line!
Hubble's' Deep Field and Ultra Deep Field proves it. I hope I find that WOW Signal before I go, I'm not worried, as Death is part of life and simply a phase where we become the Memories of all that we have touched, I have had a happy and fantastic Voyage, would not change anything, as they have become the tapestry that is ME! I have taught many, touched many more, and had many an argument and many times switched sides just because I could.
I love each and every day, I just hope they get better as I pass into the Memory phase. My only regret is I chose to repair Mans' Machines, instead of the Machines of Man.
I am now divorced after an 39 year (most of my adult life), have 3 wonderful adult children, my first 34 yr old Belinda with a Bachelor of Engineering and a bachelor of Arts Degrees, and 2 children 4.5 yr old Erica Renae, and 3 mths old, I don't know her name, as I've been banished from her world (Belinda, Anton and Cara), My second Anton 31, with a bachelor of Drafting and industrial design. My 3rd, Cara 25, sadly I started getting ill at the critical moment and since, she is as illiterate as her mother, My love to all 3 is unconditional, My job as a father, was to give them all I could to be better than me, and I expect nothing in return, a phone call is a bonus, if and when I will receive one.
My dream is to go to sleep and not wake. I live with 24/7 pain, am on 43 Prescribed Medication doses per Day!, and have experienced, traveled and done what 22,000,000 Aussies will never see nor feel nor do, nor dream, nor experience.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Are we a tad pretentious that other life-forms have developed the same nasty technologies (inc. RF) as us?. Well I believe there are as many life-forms as there are planets in the universe multiplied by a factor or 10 to the 100.

We cannot hope to discover or be discovered by them with our current searching and communication techniques. The time taken for discovery are too great for even 10 thousand generations to see the results.

Benefits and dangers are irrelevant they can be quantified the same way that we have discovered other great things, like fusion etc.

We should transmit an intelligent simple message, need only be 100 characters long or just enough to be ascertained as not random noise. But it should be sent in all frequencies (swept ??) of the electromagnetic spectrum.

I run SETI@Home because I have always thought to learn all there is to learn about as many things as possible however obscure they may be.
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