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Personal background
It was a gray December morning in 1976. In a hospital in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a child was about to be born, a child unlike any who had come before him. The world would never be quite the same again. This child's name, was Justin Paul Zimmerman. Shortly before he was 3, and immediately before the birth of his much more common brother, his parents moved to Bristol, PA, where they still live today. He attended St. Mark elementary, and Bishop Egan High, in accordance with his Catholic upbringing. He decided he wanted to study sharks, so he attended Millersville University and majored in marine biology. There he met his future wife, Virginia Malone. He moved to Atlanta, GA with her in late 1998, and graduated from Millersville in 99. He spent five long years working for AIG, a large insurance company which has nothing to do with sharks. Currently, he works for Arch, a very, very small insurance company which still has nothing to do with sharks. He and his wife live in a very small apartment and own a 2001 Nissan Sentra. His interests include video games (especially RPG's), comic books (especially What If's, and his favorite character is Thanos of Titan), science fiction, including, of course, Star Wars (but not the Phantom Menace. Die Jar Jar Binks!), Star Trek (mostly Next Gen), Buffy the Vampire Slayer. His favorite comic strips are Dilbert, Foxtrot and Calvin and Hobbes. His favorite author is Stephen King (and yes, he is serious) and his favorite book is "It". His favorite movie is South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. His favorite website is His favorite color is ultraviolet, his favorite number is pi (which he can recite to over 50 digits), and he enjoys talking about himself in the third person.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
No, of course extraterrestrial life doesn't exist. I only downloaded this program so i could slow down everything else my computer does. My opinion concerning EBE's is best described as agnostic: I have never seen an alien life form, so I have no reason to believe they do exist. But it's a really big universe out there, and until we've seen a lot more of it than we have so far, I have no reason to assume there isn't anybody else out there. As for intelligent life, I'm not even sure there's any of that on THIS planet. Sorry, it had to be said. But if there is life out there, I think it's likely to be so different from us, there's no way to predict what will happen when we encounter it. I mean, imagine a being who is not bilaterally symmetrical. Who is neither male nor female. Who's genetic information isn't written in DNA. Who isn't carbon based, and doesn't use light to see, or breathe oxygen. If an entity was that different from us biologically and physically, how different from us would they be psychologically, emotionally, ethically, and culturally? If they didn't have a written language or communicate using sound waves or gestures, would we be able to communicate with them at all? And even if we could, would it even be possible to translate between the two languages? So, while I see no problem with sending out a "hello" beacon, I can't imagine anything we can put in it that would definitely be meaningful to another race. Not even the rules of mathematics and physics are absolute enough to ensure understanding. As for why I run SETI@home, I always wanted to know I'd be in a 4th grade history book someday, and I figure while the odds on this method are low, it's the one that requires the least effort. I just hope that if we do manage to attract the attention of somebody out there, it isn't Galactus.
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