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Personal background
Manchester UK , SETI CLASSIC: 1st 70 Work Units were using the ScreenSave, then ~7kWUs used CMDline version with SETISpy for data info & SETIDriver to cache (the help Michael Ober & the late Roelof J. Engelbrecht was invaluable) Changed to SET BIONIC at 7,500 WUs.

I have run it on various machines; from Pentium 1 MMX, P4, AMD2400 P.C. & recently a Pentium dual core laptop.

I hold a PHYSICSB.Sc. from the University of Manachester [1980] and by profession a Project Manager.

I like you all am on that Pale Blue Dot on the picture taken by Voyager above!

I started the SETI Classic Group TBA - colleagues from work, but also has a few of my relies in there now ...
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Chances of other civilisation(s) RX/TXing similar signals & frequencies, in the right time frame are extremely remote. see -, but it is worth a go.

It makes me think how rare this blue jewel Earth really is & how nearly 7 billion humans plunder so much of it for short-term goals. It is like having a mini-Jodrell Bank (which visited with Father & Brother June 2011) on my PC & makes up a little for not working there!
I am glad the project will expand further looking at different frequencies apart from the 1.4GHz water hole & in additional sky areas.

It is great that the Classic S/W could be used on so many different PC types & in small enough chunks (~350kB) so every PC can have a go.

Concern about alien contact:
The distances & dangers of interstellar travel are too vast to worry about this stemming from films e.g.Star Trek implying ease of space travel. Humans have developed the technology in the last 30 years of ~1 MILLION years we have been around, to get to the Moon 6 x, which is ~ 1 light sec away. The nearest star our Sun is ~ 8 light mins away, the nearest star Proxima-Centauri (the smallest of a triple system) to us is ~4? light yrs away !

Chances of other advanced civilizations getting here must be extremely remote, if it was possible & they had any sense they?d stay well clear (just look at our TV signals)!

We could be the 1st in this galaxy to seed the rest!?
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