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Personal background
Born in Cal, grew up in Hawaii. At 18 I joined the Army & in 10 years of service, was stationed in Korea, Germany, and 7 US states aside from many TDA locations. While in Korea, visited Japan & from Germany visited 7 other countries. Have been in or through 48 US states, Canada & Mexico. When I was a kid (& sometimes when I was on drugs) I used to lay on my back & stare at the stars and wonder just where out there did I come from (see "Without Knowing" on my web site I own 2 telescopes because of my fascination with what is out there. I believe we are not alone in this universe! Even if my CPU time for seti isn't what finds something significant, it will process data out of the way of someone who will get a hit. I have been "clean & sober" since 2/2/90 and returned to school to complete a BS in Psychology. I became interested in computers and "found" seti. I run it on a home net of 2 home built PCs. Getting ready to bring a 400Mhz PC out of retirement and run Linux on it and bring a G4 MAC out of retirement for a total of 2.8 Gigs of CPU (1g 1g 400m 400m).
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I believe ETL exists and I think we are close to finding it. Our technology is advancing rapidly and it is only a matter of time. If ETL is an advanced society, we can gain tremendously in many areas such as medicine, engineering, and "wisdom & insight" from contacting them. A risk is that we will be a risk to them and could be oppressed or they may choose to enslave us (not likely). If they are a less advanced society, we could help them ( a little ethnocentric perhaps) or even learn from them because their evolution may have followed a different path. A risk is that some of our species would be willing and even try to take advantage of them. A worse case would be that they, or we are inilated but I don't believe that would happen intentionally. There is a risk that one or the other could be exposed to a pathogen that could bring an end as it is known. I believe we should transmit a beacon for them to find. Some important information we should try to express to them is that we are a diverse species. That we have problems we hope to overcome and hopes and dreams we seek out. That we are curious and want to "know" more about the universe and share what we know with them. And of course, that we hope for peaceful, cooperative, mutually benificial relations with them. I run SETI@home to help with something I believe in. Simple. The great thing would be if MY machine found something significant but the humble thing is that I process data and chip away at it so that someone, somewhere, eventually, can process the set of data that will push us forward on this endeavor. I believe in this project enough that I run it on 5 machines and will soon have it on 1 more. I want to help someone, somewhere to find THEM. Even if only by moving the "debris" out of the way.
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