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Personal background
After much resistance, crying, and general noise-making, I arrived to this planet on Friday 13, August '76 in the city of Sanok in south-eastern Poland. Needless to say, I was un-happy, I was also cold and I am bitter as a result even to this day.

Having survived years of Russian oppression under the guise of communist utopia, Chernobyl meltdown, and other miscellaneous hardships and atrocities,
my dear parents decided that enough was enough, and so in '90 we found ourselves in Canada. Currently, I reside in Calgary, which claims to fame comprise of '88 Winter Olympics, an ailing hockey club, and the annual redneck hoe-down of massive proportions, the Calgary Stampede. Here, I engage in the glorious profession of web engineering.

I'm certain that my birth certificate has been falsified as an act of some (communist?, alien?) conspiracy - perhaps it was Chernobyl that affected my psyche, for despite my 34 years, I feel very much immature. I still love to play video games, engage in verbal flaming in chat-rooms, watch porn, swear a ton, tag on my wife's ponytail like I did in kindergarten, and ... well, the list could go on.

My passions include music. I am very much into the underground music scene, particularly jungle/drum and bass, IDM, and experimental. Much of my disposable income is used to acquire mp3s, vinyl records, entry fees to various events, turntables and other electronic equipment and software. Generally, I'm fascinated by computer generated noise, the pattern and the mathematical precision. I also enjoy classical music, particularly of the baroque and classical era; js bach was a genius.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Of course, computers are an interest as well, as my choice of profession might suggest. Those overheated scraps of silicon and circuitry provide me with much power to pursue my interests, to entertain me, to challenge my intellect, and to open my mind to new ideas. Being a computer geek, it is rather difficult to miss the SETI project. Your friends, of whom at least some are most likely geeks themselves, are sure to share the knowledge of this project, and so participation is assured. It is difficult to decline an invitation to partake in such great concepts masterfully combined and executed: distributed computing, and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence.

More importantly, who can resist the stats? 8)

That I believe in ETI goes without saying ... read profiles of other users and you'll find that this one thing we all have in common ... otherwise, why not go crack the genome or find the cure for cancer?

I'm certain that we will discover signs of other life. I doubt this will happen during my lifetime. Regardless, whenever this discovery is made, it is sure to have a major impact on religious institutions, and our society as a whole. those wallowing in ignorance or denial will respond with fear; bible-thumpers will surely to call it a lie, until, that is, the green men actually come down to shake our hand ... or to enslave us.
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