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Personal background
I just turned 32 and presently live in southern Ontario, Canada.

I'm afraid I may be a computer geek for life - ran my first BBS when I was 14, am a network administrator by trade and still enjoy having fun with computers.

I am a long-time (long-suffering?) Toronto Maple Leafs hockey fan, a big Formula One fan, and have a tendency to drive my car quickly.

I'm 6'6" and have a predilection toward sports cars and girls below 5'7". Life can be funny sometimes.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think the enormity of the universe and the sheer number of stars and possible planets makes the mathematical likelihood of life existing somewhere other than Earth impossible to dismiss.

If we truly believe life here is the result of a largely accidental (though fortuitous) coming together of certain elements into, and then on, a body just the right size and ideal distance from a star of just the right temperature - surely this must have happened at least once elsewhere(!), if not in fact many thousands of times or more.

The humbling vastness of the expanse of space unfortunately suggests that any signal we receive may be many hundreds or thousands of years old, and take as long to be returned to its sender. This is disheartening, but it comes with the territory.

As far as meeting extraterrestrials: the main thing (I think someone has expressed this before) is that any race capable of reaching us across interstellar distances will be so infinitely more advanced than us that they will be capable of doing with (or to) us anything they wish. We can only hope that with that degree of scientific achievement have come parallel advances in culture, society and peaceful temperament. And we can also hope that they're not just looking for some sort of food waystation.

Kidding aside - I hope to witness breakthroughs in this field in my lifetime, though I appreciate that the scope of the task makes this unlikely. I am still more than happy to do my part!
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