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Personal background
My name is OLEG KOBYTEV.
I'm from Krasnoyarsk-city (Siberia), Russia.
I'm 37 years old.
I'm nor a fucking communist neither a pederast, but simply a normal person who likes to listen THE BEATLES and PINK FLOYD.
My hobbies: an art photo, music (rhythm-and-blues, rock, jazz, classics) and speleo (caving).

"Why do you run SETI@home?" Because most personal computers stand idle, executing office applications only or running stupid screen-savers which spend resources for drawing of any flowers, waterfalls and other shit. And so I all the same hope to bring the contribution to development of a science.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
"What are your views about the project?" What do I think of the project? I think that the project is interesting, but vicious initially. We scan near space and we try to catch a signal. It�s certainly not bad. This problem also needs to be carried out.
At the same time we know about existence of galaxies and planetary systems on distance of light years. And if therefrom someone will decide to send a signal to our party (or already sends approximately during one million years) such signal (spinning with velocity of light) will reach us with in 14 billion years, so it is necessary to wait only.
It is in an optimistical variant (if passage of a signal will not be affected with gravitational lenses, black holes, "a dark matter " and " dark energy ", and also with other insufficiently explored and unopened things).
By this time the Solar system can easily stop the existence, no less than the Milky Way and the next galaxies. The signal will come, but on a place of a galaxy the Milky Way will be huge black hole or any other cholera. There were my own reflections.

"Any suggestions?" What is "Any suggestions?" I do not understand owing to illiteracy. However I consider that it is necessary to continue researches, even at that poor level as it occurs now.
I suggest to improve the equipment, as that: to modernize old radiotelescopes, to construct huge new, to raise computer capacity, to continue research of space.
And in general I suggest to buy more sources of an uninterrupted feed and a diesel engine generators to allow your servers always be online. Many can ask: "and where do you offer to get fucking money?!"
I shall willingly answer these skeptics: there are a lot of money under your feet. Let's dismantle strategic rockets all over the world and we shall send them in space with useful load.
There will be released some funds which were expended for the service of military rockets, and there will be some profit if these rockets will make something useful. And in general, let us stop being at fucking war and killing each other. It is necessary to make love not war. I prefer to fuck a pretty girl instead of shooting at people by a tommy-gun.
Fucking is much more pleasant, than listening to someone shouting you: "flash on the right", cause at the moment you can`t even have a thought about sex. So there my thoughts if it is possible to say in such a way.
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