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I was born to be an Engineer, so that pretty much tells you about my life (smile). Went to college for 9 years because I could not make up my mind as to which 'kind' of Engineer I wanted to 'become'. So I did Mechanical first and then Electrical (Electronics). I don't recommend that path.

When I started: it was a challenge to get to 100 work units. Computers were slower and I had fewer. It was slow and lonely going. Over the years, I've tried to convince others to help and some did, under their own name (sigh). I finally got my son and a friend to help. So, now, armed with my personal armada of computers and with the help of others, we are cranking out almost 10 work units a day! LOL I think it took me almost 10 months to get my first 100 and now, we are doing that in 10 days!

SETI says I have completed more work units than 99.156% of all users... and I�m pushing 235,000 hours. I thought I was doing 'well' until I saw the .8% 'above' me... those guys are SMOKING! I'm peddling as fast as I can, but I'll never catch up. Well, its still important work and somebody's got to do it, so it might as well be us. It kind of makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

UPDATE: Jan 2006. Well, now we are BOINCing along and have added rosetta and started our 'own' team Smyers and will now start to 'help' toward more earthly endevors. My son is in Engineering College now and has 3 of his own computers BOINCing.

UPDATE: Jun 2007. We are still BOINCing. Son graduated. Most here have lost interest in Seti. I've become convinced a more useful investment of my computer's time is to solve earthly problems. I have changed resources to favor Rosetta. I have NO doubt there are ETs out there and we won't find them until they think we are ready. Unfortunately; this won't be in my lifetime.

We are approaching 250,000 hours since Feb. 2000. We are SO happy there is something constructive for our computers to do when we are not using them. Waving windows should be a crime. I've 'retired' my slower computers as the electricity usage was not a good ROI as far as SETI goes.

Thank you for getting this far in my profile.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Sure, I believe ET exists, although I know we won't 'discover' ET in my lifetime. Our society is simply not 'ready'. Just imagine what it would do to all religions!?!?! to our governments!?!?! Wow! it would simply destroy our current belief system! It took us 200 years to finally use a 'fork' and 300 years to �peek� inside the human body because organized religion forbade it... Have we really �advanced� much further than those times? Just look at the current debates/fears/controls on stem cells. We are still �afraid of the dark� as a society.

No, there is no chance in hell of the public being told of ET in the foreseeable future. I don�t hold out hope for ET in my lifetime. But, one never knows. We might not have the choice when it comes down to it.

I run SETI because I cannot fathom the absolute waste of processing power to wave some stupid flag, or draw some meaningless lines, on the screen when not using the computer. Why spend big bucks on a powerful computer and then just let it sit and do nothing!?!?!?! Sign up under team Smyers and help the noble cause. (Yes, I know, it's a cheap plug for help in moving 'up' .01%)
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