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Personal background
I'm from England and proud of it, but I've had the pleasure of visiting many parts of the world in my lifetime.
In those many different places I've seen so many different and varied people, creatures and things.
- and everywhere there's LIFE! Its so strong and vibrant, it lives and thrives anywhere and everywhere.
To me its simply common sense that life is and life will be able to take hold and thrive and evolve anywhere it possibly can.
So, if our scientists are to be believed that life may well have come to this planet by seeding from comets, gas clouds, meoteorites and so on, its simply common sense that there has to be life out there!
ET LIVES! Who's going to deny it? Its obvious! Its only a matter of time (and of course distance).

I'm in my fifties but all my life I've had a fascination for all things space and all things intelligence - and I've always known that there has to be life out there.
As we say in England - It stands to reason!
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
1. Yes - of course ET exists. I think they will discover us first - if they haven't already.
Benefits and dangers? Just about anything your imagination can conceive. We'll have to take our chances, but if we want to play with the big boys, we'll just have to grow up, won't we?
2.Transmit a beacon? Interesting!. The history of humanity on this planet has been the evolution of groups, vis. from families into tribes; from tribes into kingdoms; from kingdoms into nations, and from nations into continents. We've always advertised our presence to others, either by peaceful or non-peaceful means.
The next chapter must be from continental states into a global nation. Then its out across the new frontier to meet the others out there.
How many of those other ancient (and some not-so-ancient) peoples thought their little world was all there was - until the strangers came a-knocking?
3. I run Seti@home because I believe that it is important for the future of the human race. I believe that the project is one of the most important ones we are currently undertaking and that much more funding should be made available.
I hope I am doing my bit to that end - I am running seti on 3 computers more or less permanently.
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