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Personal background
I'm a 30 year old guy (you can't see it on the picture, but Im young at age),and from Denmark, Copenhagen.

I have been facinated by electronic gadgets since my two brothers and I rented a game console,
in 1982 by the age 7. It was called Vectrex, and was a little funny thing with a small monitor and
joypad with 4 buttons and a small stick. The graphic was vector-graphic in black n' white. So you
had to put on a colored plastic screen, on the outside of the monitor. You put the gamecartridges
inside the console on the right side, but then you could instantly play.

Later on I got a C-64.Great tool for both gaming, and the begining of a real computer where you
could programme stuff (basic). Facinating world where you could use a cassette tape for other
purpurse than to just play music. Load "$",1 , and a tape in cassette player.A lot of colored
flashing light, and some minuttes later you had "Impossible Mission", "Rambo III", "Boulder
Dash" and other great C-64 games.

I also got an Atari ST, because Im also into electronic music (the Sax is just the BlingBling prop) ;-)
So I hook it up with a syntheizer and Cubase and started to experiment with strange electronic
sounds and MIDI...Gr8! Been a electronic head since the end of the 80'ies. Been to Jean Michel Jarre
concert in Valby-hallen. I can personally recomend, the album "Sessions 2000" BTW, when you are
crunshing SETI-packages.

And to Depeche Mode concert in Østerbro Stadium on 23. September 2001. Just been to Kraftwerk
concert in KB-hallen in copenhagen for some months ago..."We are the Robots..(dehn, deh deh deuh..)".
Perhaps going to Germany for 2nd Depeche Mode concert.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Q1.  Why do you run SETI@home?

A1.I am not going to find the E.T's "Phone home", but "Phone out". 

Q2. What are your views about the project?

A2.I think its a good project. 
It is worth doing, but ofcause only if a lot of people is doing the job.
Because there is a lot of space to cover.A lot of frequency to cover. 
And a lot of time to do it over and over again. Because, if we just skip to fast 
from frequency to frequency, we might haven't heard, 
the signal from a civilization, who just where about to 
invent the radiotelescope. 
But if we try again some years later on, they might just have come up with a radio-telescope.
So it is a long term project.Untill we get a signal.
We are the proof, that life in the universe isn't impossible.

Q3. Any suggestions? 

A3. Yes.

1.I want to change my ID to a humanoid name (aka something I can remember instead of XYZDASHDASHSLASHAXLROSE).
28. Aug. 2005 update: Thanks for that change SETI.... :-)

2.I want to have my 2D graphic back in the SETI program.Why spend valuble computer power on 3D graphic,
 when you can have it to do what it is suppose to do...Search for E.T-signals? Not all that fancy-ness.Please.
I could make a screendump before in classic SETI program.
But the new SETI info can be hard to look at right now in 3D.
And you have to make the rotating SETI-object stand in front, 
and it is not that easy with all that rotating around.
To NASA: Build a VLT telescope outside earth, with a lot of telescopes connected, and we might get the first pictures from another blue planet. 
Come on people...How hard can it be? Shake Bush to get his budget used on weapons to war, or his budget for 2nd trip to moon.... :-)
2006 update: Come on Mr. Bush. SETI needs your Caaaaash!
3.What up, with all those slash'es added to your text, 
when editing your profiles text? 
Maybe I am missing something, but then again, I just a semi-nerd.
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