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Hello everyone, I am 16 years old, and was born in Portland Oregon and have never moved out of Portland my whole life! I would like to thank Rob V. for contributing to my credits. I love Star Trek and the whole atmosphere that it sends to me, the universe of Star Trek is fun to think about with the Cardassians, Klingons, Romulans, Ferengi, etc. and all the worlds out there. With the new Enterprise series, it links back to planets that you've seen in futuristic Star Trek series, like Risa! The Star Trek universe has 1000s of planets with intelligent life on them, there must be other 'class-M' planets in our universe and I beleive that life exists on other planets in our universe and eventually we will run across a signal from aliens!

--Update April 2011--
Hello Sgt. Huber!
Your back!! Contact me @
I was in your class @ Sabin Skills Center.
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I believe that extraterrestrial life exists and we will discover extraterrestrial life through Seti@home. I think that the benifit of such a discover would be to know that indeed other life exists out there and that someday we may have a chance to meet them. I believe that humans should definitely repeatably send narrow band signals into space for extraterrestrial life to find, we should say " Greetings, we are a species called human. We wish nothing other than peace to any other life in the universe that we may encounter. Please, pay us a peaceful visit to us if you have any warp capable ships. Live long and prosper." I run seti@home because I would like to use the available CPU bandwidth of all of my PCs. I use this software partly for competition and at the same time for actually doing something useful. I believe that we will find that other extraterrestrial life exists. If you play alot of graphical games, don't pause them because even when say diablo II is paused it uses about 77% of a 700MHZ pentium 3 processor, so, either quit the game, or upgrade to an NT system which greatly minimizes this effect as you can see from the built in task manager when your game is paused, and you can also change the priority of your paused game to 'low' and change the COMMAND-LINE CLIENT to the normal priority.
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