Personal background
I am mathematician, working in Berlin, Germany, as general manager for a computer system house supplying and servicing information technology.

From early childhood on I have been interested in Physics and Astronomy. Particularly fascinated I've always been by Radio Technology, Nuclear Physics, Space Exploration and Astro Physics. My family supported those interests and as soon as I'd learned to read I inevitably found my way to science fiction (where I prefer what is called 'hard' sf). Ever since it has been my desire to contribute towards the realization of progressive ideas envisaged in this genre.
Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Why do I run SETI@home?
Mankind making contact with an extraterrestrial civilisation will be the greatest scientific achievement in history. Since childhood I loved the thought of being able to contribute in some way towards this goal. So when with SETI@home the opportunity came I was delighted and inspired my colleagues to join too.

I am absolutely convinced of the existence of extraterrestrial civilisations, of which a fair number will be much higher developed than mankind. Those civilisations surely will have created something one could call the "Internet of the Universe". To communicate efficiently they hopefully understand physics better than we and have come up with something faster then radio waves. To get "connected" perhaps we might have to look at the instruments of some particle collider or other similar equipment.

But my hope is, that they might give away instructions "How to get connected" via a less demanding technology - per radio waves - and that the SETI-Project will discover this message.

Thoughts about ETI
The discovery of an extraterrestrial civilisation would hopefully show mankind the possibility of surviving the dangers of the technological age. The following contact might show us how this was achieved there and perhaps also offer us some clues as how to do it here on earth.

Should we transmit?
As long as earth can't offer a more united appearance I think we should at least be extremely carefully about what messages we transmit. Who speaks for mankind? And says what? Don't get me wrong: I don't fear any danger for the safety of this planet. But mankind's social performance is still very embarrassing...
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