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My name is Alex Striker Clausen. i live in denmark, i am 49 years old, into science, computers, got my first for more than 30 years ago!,
games, gardens. like to make webpages see one of them here :
Alex Striker´s Webserver
it's my WebServer.

I am the founder of "Team Striker - SETI/BOINC, you are welcome to Join us!

Join our team when you already have an account:

I´m crunching SETI CPU/GPU data bit´s on 2x Intel i7 at 4.0GHz + one Intel Core 2 Quad at 3,0GHz + Intel Core 2 Duo 3,0GHz + Pentium4 HT 3,4GHz + Pentium4 HT 3,2GHz (down) + 1x Lenovo (IBM) T61 Intel Core 2 Duo 2,0GHz + one Intel M cel. 1,5GHz on this profile! + on 4x or more Android devices (smartphones/Tablets)on their own accounts
my firm´s IBM TP T40 wont start up anymore, well the screen that is, its all black
sold my Pentium 2,8GHz (01-11-2006), but the buyer is running in his name now!, i had one Pentium4 HT 1,6GHz too, but sold it (long time ago!(got it back, and gave it to my father)),
and am running one Pentium3 933MHz on my "Striker" SETI Account!

got another account " ASCTrading " (my own firm)
running on my company´s Lenovo with i5 @ 2.27GHz + IBM TP R51 Pentium M 1,6GHz (down)+ 1x IBM TP T30 Pentium 4 M 1,8GHz (down), 2x IBM Lenovo Intel T2400 @ 1.83GHz (2x core)(one of them is running mostly on solarpower in my garden, newer garden Laptop 1x IBM Lenovo Intel T7300 @ 2.00GHz (2x core), mostly only running on solarpower, so thats green)

got one Linux box running on a Pentium3 1,0GHz, and will soon run SETI on
there too!. (that one is sold to a friend) :-)

Just bought (04-04-2007) an Intel socket 775 3,4 GHz 800FSB CPU (new) and a second hand motherboard, but haven´t assembled it yet!... when will i find the time? :-) (update: the Intel 3,4GHz not running ( because of, i used the cabinet and PSU for my Motherboard with my Intel Core 2 Quad at 3,0GGHz ))
(update: 10-03-2010: Intel 3,4GHz is running again on a new motherboard) (not running)
(update: 20-07-2016: Intel 3,4GHz is running again on a new motherboard) (not running yet)


and have got one nice, new computer 6 month old now, i think,
it´s an Intel Core 2 Duo at 3,0Ghz
which is only running SETI/BOINC, nothing else, but not all the time though

Got a new motherboard, and CPU, it´s an Intel Core 2 Quad at 3,0GHz, well a month or two i did :-)
running 3x jobs + CUDA jobs, with my new Asus 9600GT graphicscard, 515MB.
(update: 17-04-2010: Not running CUDA jobs, as it takes to much power from the graphicscard, )
The motherboard where my Intel Pentium 4 HT @ 3,2GHz is on is kaput, and wont start up :-( :-)


Became a beta tester for the android beta project:
Started crunching data on some of my android devices, like Sony Xperia Z2, Sony Xperia S, Asus Nexus 7 (Tablet), Lenovo S6000F (Tablet), Denver 7" (Tablet) SE Xperia ARC (sometimes not enough memory free)...

(February 2015)

Build a new PC with Intel i7 at 4.0GHz

(November/December 2015)

Build a new PC with Intel i7 at 4.0GHz, yep, one more :-)


Got this Lenovo TP 8 tablet with Intel Atom at 1,6GHz win10Pro 64bit (running SETI WU´S with max speed: 2,24GHz) most of the time, nice :-) (this one is broken, (128GB SSD + battery), still at repair service center for 3 weeks now, 08-08-2016, received back 24-08-2016, systemboard exchanged, had windows 10 pro 64bit upgraded on it, now it came back from repair with windows 8,1 with bingshit 64bit, and the free upgrade to windows 10 has ended, not happy one bit with that, hmm)
update 01-09-2016 had to sent it back for repairs again, came back 15-09-2016 systemboard exchanged again, still with windows 8,1 with bingshit 64bit, hmm again
update 20-09-2016 sent to repair again again, hmm, asked for the right OS on it win10 pro 64bit, so now let´s see if they will put that on it this time and the WiFi working, i dought it, but well, hmm


Got this POV 7 tablet with Intel Atom at 1,33GHz win10Home 32bit (running SETI WU´S with max speed: 1,57GHz) most of the time

that's it for now! take care!

Please visit: Team Striker SETI / BOINC on Facebook

Last Updated: 23-06-2016 (d:m:y format!)

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Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
I think not, we are alone in this big universe!
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