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Born in 1971, I spent my early years in the Netherlands, and developed an early interest in science. This is reflected in my studies, Laboratory Informatics and Automation, but recently I chose a slightly different path, and developed artistic skills next to my scientific and advanced computer interests.
This, nor the globetrotting I did (spending time living in the U.K., Australia, and Sweden most recently) deterred me from keeping a close eye on things in science, and the SETI project has always, and will always have, my interest. You can call me loyal :) - Maybe like the dogs and wolves I love will be loyal to a just cause!
Having founded a group myself, linked to my interests in the lupine and lycanthropic field it's been good going.

Thoughts about SETI and SETI@home
Even though nothing has been found yet by the distributed SETI group, I hope the continuation of this project will show some results eventually; hoping that other civilisations have used the same base of science and are therefore literally "on the same wavelength" as we are listening. I do hope that the SETI project will extend the frequency range they are listening on to make a much wider spectrum sweep. The Hydrogen band is very noisy to start with and I wouldn't use it myself if I was a civilisation to communicate; I'd use something much quieter, and I also believe that just looking in that narrow band is assuming a lot of things about other civilisations that shouldn't be assumed.
With the current computational power in the project, it should be easy to make a different set of recordings on different wavelengths, and let it be analysed for artificial signals. We are, after all, looking for any sign of intelligent life out there, not just "what seems to be closely related to our own"

We need luck, if we are going to find other life. Luck and determination... Looking at all i know about science, I know that the chances are big there are other sentient and advanced civilisations out there with likely similar curiosity. I also know that chances are small with the current technology to bridge the gap, yet small doesn't mean non-existing.

SETI@home has, to me, been the perfect cause to use my idle cycles of my PC. Unlike other distributed projects available, this one is, and has been, pure research with no alterior motives. I don't like to give free computing time to, in the end, already big and rich companies for free research for their future products.

I don't feel there is a danger of discovering ET life. It might shake a few religious foundations, but seeking contact with other civilisations, and possibly finding an alien enrichment of our existing culture, is something that IMHO in value exceeds the set ways of religion - yet will not touch actual belief.
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