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1) Message boards : News : Astropulse Offline (Message 1519960)
Posted 22 May 2014 by Profile Christine&Rusty
They were just resends of tasks that are already in the system from before AP production ceased. ;-)

OK, thanks, didn't think about it that way.
2) Message boards : News : Astropulse Offline (Message 1483165)
Posted 1 Mar 2014 by Profile Christine&Rusty
Some where around 2-13/2-14 my wife's computer got hit with 3 pairs of the Astropulse 6's in a daily batch, like all at once, doing two at a time while the GPU was doing the ATI open cl in between, they went without a hitch, about 25 or so hour a piece turn around times and uploaded just fine. Am I in the right universe or wrong year? or did I miss something? New guy so be easy on me and my calculator batteries are dead. ;)

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