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1) Message boards : News : SETI@home scheduler is down until further notice. (Message 1310262)
Posted 25 Nov 2012 by Profile Donald Logan
Scheduler crashes have continued, so we'll be down until we've isolated and solved the problem.

I, for one, will patiently wait. Thank you for what you do!
2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Ancient aliens "scientist" has, in my opinion, lost last trace of credibility (Message 1309894)
Posted 24 Nov 2012 by Profile Donald Logan
Too bad that some people with a "forum" (in this case, television) choose to not be credible. Is this a nod to TV ratings?
3) Message boards : News : We are thankful for.... (Message 1309135)
Posted 23 Nov 2012 by Profile Donald Logan
We're thankful for you, our volunteers, who continue to donate your time, computers and money to keep SETI@home up and running and improving.

I am a "newbie" to Seti@home, and although I have only a novice's perspective, I am happy to contribute in any way that I can. I am thankful for the work that you do!

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