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1) Message boards : SETI@home Science : black holes - white holes - worm holes (Message 1283304)
Posted 13 Sep 2012 by Profile Nick Hempfling
i imagine a invisable galaxy size magnitic feild or plane that extends from the super massave black hole to as far out as the smallest particle at the edge of our galaxy. and somewhere around the center of the milkyway gives our star the kick it needs to go in its loop. now every so often a planet rises or falls infront or behind the sun as it passes this threshold that spins our star. when a gases planet is aligned with center blackhole and the sun, the liteness of the gases that make up the planet cant be tilted because the gravitational pull isnt strong enough to grab gases. like how earth cant hold gases very well and they rise to form our atmosphere. but whn hydrogen meets oxygen on these gases planets it forms water ice which has more mass then just the gases alone so on a gas dominated planet the heaveir h2o rises to form rings and the rings are the only mass the blackhole can pull on so when one aligns it has its rings harmlessly let lose til it pass the center or til it moves out of the "suns line of sight". now when a heavy rocky planet is unlucky enough to rise or fall in the suns way while going through this narrow plane, imagine a metal ring full of ball barrings all spinning in one direction and one of those barrings is set free or pushed out for a split second which causes it to spin in a different direction and then its pulled back into its spot. it would be a pole probably crazy and i might be rambling but its only because i never had anywhere to disscus this before and i had alot to say plus im worried that were all missing these clues. were experiencing this rare alinement at the end of this year for the first time in recorded history so how do we know that this doesnt cause a pole shift resulting in death for us and another ice age for our rock. i think the mayans among other anceint ancestors figured this out and were trying to preserve this information that they figured out "or had help figuring out".their ancestors went through this shift and over the years man bousnced back and tryed to store this information but enough of the evidence was lost that it now convinces moderen man that those crazy anceints must of made this up. just myth. theres many other things that cause disasters but i believe that this topic is a natural occuring event that happens in all star systems. maybe more often in systems with more than one star. should of just blogged this mess. whats any1 think? is all this about to end?
2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : black holes - white holes - worm holes (Message 1283273)
Posted 13 Sep 2012 by Profile Nick Hempfling
hey man i just join s@h and seen the message boards on here. thats cool i can finally converse with other science buffs. my computers name is samspade named after my grandpa tom simmons. he was a detective and got the nicname samspade frpm his cop buddys. but anyway that caught my attention. do u kno alot on black holes? i have a theroy but its sketchy. involving sagitarius a star and pole shifts. i see the rings on the other planets all have some tilt to them and would like to find out whn those planets were last aligned with our sun and the black hole powerin our galaxy. im betting the rings tilt like a rocky planets poles would whn they align. any thoughts?

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