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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Panic Mode On (77) Server Problems? (Message 1287508)
Posted 24 Sep 2012 by Profile Waldo
I can track batches of shorties that my 24 core box is processing via its UPS load stats. It's only about a 2% difference drop in power when running shorties, but at that machines power level it is apparent.
Snapshot of the past few weeks.

What software are you using to monitor the UPS?
I bought a couple of cheap 1400VA UPSs & the software that came with them was crap.

Hal would have to answer but it looks like he is using rrdtool with snmp or something similar that utilizes rrd..
This is just a guess and I might be wrong.. Some of the newer web enabled ups cards do trending by default.

You might want to check out cacti it is one of the pieces of software I use.

PS: It is a endless cycle when wu finish faster than they can be uploaded :(
I am sure someone is looking at it..
2) Message boards : Number crunching : AVG Antivirus issues (Message 1286434)
Posted 21 Sep 2012 by Profile Waldo
First off, AVG wasn't picking up SETI as a threat. (paid version AVG, fully updated)

However, AVG was causing my machine to bluescreen. I was getting 1-5 bluescreens per day, sometimes attended while active on the machine and sometimes not.

The errors varied. The most common was that there was pagefile activity in a non paged area of the disk, followed by memory management errors.

If you are experiencing oddball bluescreen errors, and run AVG subscription version, try uninstalling AVG in favor of something else for a while and see what happens. I'm pretty sure that AVG is working pretty hard on this because their webpages were "shut down for maintenance" a few days ago which (seems)to tell me that they were getting hammered by angry people and needed a delaying tactic before that had to speak to the public.

Currently using another antivirus program and no crashing. Not gonna name that program, no need to sound like an advertiser.

Win7 Home premium
Intel I7-2700k / 16GB RAM
Nvidia GTS560

That is weird I also use AVG religiously on all my hosts..
I have not been affected by these issues and I run both paid versions of AVG antivirus and avg server edition 2012.

You said you were running a fully updated version does this means you are running avg internet security 2013, or just avg antivirus 2013, or 2012?

Sorry to hear about the issues you had...
3) Message boards : Number crunching : Tempting Ivey Bridge Build (Message 1285997)
Posted 20 Sep 2012 by Profile Waldo
I’m thinking of building a Ivey system.

I’d be using it for Seti & GPU GRID including other Boinc projects, racing games. + everyday tasks
Heres what I’ve come up with

$2,719.56NZ/$2,210.46 USD

Only thing I’m missing is a case any recommendations? Would an after market cooler for CPU be recommended? I’m wanting to keep the price low as possible. Another reason for upgrade is to try n lower power bill (currently using 1st gen 980X)

Thx for any tips

I see 2 issues with the Maximus V GENE MB:
Its PCIe slots share the PCI lanes, so if you put 2 GPUs they will work at x8 each, and the slots are too close each other wich will make it hard to cool the GPUs... Other than that Asus MBs are really good...

If it were me I would try to get a P8Z77V Premium...
it has 4 PCIe, and you can use up to 2 at 16x and those are far enough to give better cooling to the GPUs... Not sure about the differences on prices, but i dont think they will be too high...
Or else the P8Z77V Deluxe, it also shares the PCIe lanes, but the slots are not as close as in the Maximus...

About the case, for the system your thinking it has to be the bigger one you can get, prefferably with front, rear, side and top holes for bigger fans (bigger fans make less noise), its not needed that the case has all the fans there from the beggining, but having the place to add them latter will save you headaches trying to keep the temps lower, and will make it easy if you want to use liquid cooling sometime in the future.

I agree..
Recently built a host with these specs:

MB: Asus P8Z77-V Prem
CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K
CPU cooler: Corsair Hydro Series H80
Mem: Patriot Memory Viper Xtreme Performance 8 GB DDR3 2400 PC3 19200
Case: Corsair CC600TWM-WHT (Awesome Cooling)
Drive: 2x OCZ Technology 128GB Vertex 4 Series
Power supply: Corsair AX-1200

Did things a little different on the PS and the GPU's.

Machine is a monster boots to the windows 7 login prompt in two seconds.
Would recommend it to anyone tempted to build a ivry bridge host!

4) Message boards : Number crunching : GPU crunching question (Message 1285032)
Posted 18 Sep 2012 by Profile Waldo
If you only want to do this on that host then my suggestion would to do this in boinc.

Under the tools menu select "computing preferences"

Then at the bottom look for "On multiprocessor systems, use at most __ % of the processors" and change the field to 75.

You can also do this under your SETI@home preferences

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