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Posted 9 May 2012 by Profile Paul
So after reading astropulse in what it does, I am still wondering about detecting spread spectrum signals. Any civilization even somewhat advanced from us would probably be using spread spectrum, or even frequency/power spreading methods unknown or yet to be developed.
So my question is: Is asropulse capable of detecting spread spectrum ?
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Posted 15 Mar 2012 by Profile Paul
Many thanks for you quick response to my question about AstroPulse.
3) Questions and Answers : Web site : astropulse (Message 1205637)
Posted 14 Mar 2012 by Profile Paul
What is Astropulse. I have been running SETI but now I see a task running called Astropulse among my seti tasks. Did a search in Q&A but didn't find anything.
4) Message boards : News : First Look at Kepler SETI Candidate Signals (Message 1201627)
Posted 2 Mar 2012 by Profile Paul
I used to run my computer on seti for quite a while then I got a new computer and just got back to it with a new name.
We on earth have been using radio for just about 100 years, and recently new modulation schemes such as spread spectrum and frequency hopping which can be very difficult to detect even if you are looking for them. Any advanced civilization may be using techniques we don't have a clue how to detect.
Perhaps they now use gravity waves or quantum duality to communicate.
A very advanced civilazation would use ways we would feel are magic and beyond our understanding.
Still, I like SETI and maybe, just maybe a signal will be out there.

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