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Since a considerable amount has already been posted here in the links, I think you are a bit tone deaf. So I'll suggest you read some political coverage of the ROK government as a start, say the last decade.

I try to read everything posted here (for obvious reasons) and I can't recall any statistically relevant poll or similar from a reliable source that indicated that the South Koreans would want Kim as their leader or the North's government as their own, so I join those asking for a citation for this seemingly dubious statement.

I do recall a few South Koreans indicating in interviews that they are more worried about Donald Trump's self-control than Kim's military, as they have also concluded that Kim is not actually planning on doing anything but tests and bluster, but that is not the same thing.
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Students can vote in the state where they study.

Correct.... The Washington Post tracked down three of the accused fraudulent voters and they verified that this is exactly what they were doing... in less than an hour.

Kobach apparently made no attempt to contact voters who’d cast ballots but held out-of-state IDs. Thursday night, The Washington Post asked voters who’d done so to tell their stories; three did so within 60 minutes — college students, who were living in New Hampshire but did not change their licenses.

Hope that doesn't make it Fake News. 😀
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I could throw my car further than i'd trust that company.

Yeah, we have them here too. The good part of the article is that at least a legal authority has weighed in that their attempt to stave off a class action with a waiver is legally worthless.
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The rights waiver has been removed thanks to New York's Attorney General

Equifax has changed its terms of service to note that users checking to see if they've been affected by a massive breach it endured are not waiving their right to file a class action lawsuit.

Prior to the update, users on social media pointed out that individuals using Equifax's tool to see if their information was compromised in a massive data breach could be giving up their rights to file or join a lawsuit against the company.

Equifax revealed on Thursday that hackers had gained access to the personal information of as many as 143 million Americans including names, Social Security numbers and birth dates.

In response, the company set up the website so users could see if their data was affected. However, fine print deep in the company’s terms of service for the website includes an arbitration clause waiving the users "ability to bring or participate in a class action, class arbitration or other representative action."

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman (D) lambasted the arbitration language in Equifax’s terms of service on Friday, calling it “unacceptable and unenforceable.” Schneiderman tweeted that his office had contacted Equifax’s office demanding the clause be removed.
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I've created this thread and moved these posts from the Donald Trump thread as they were taking it over... please continue the discussion here and thank you.
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How did those police behave improperly?

I figured that there was no wrongdoing on the part of the police and Sirius had just posted that for the humor value, which saved me having to do such a thorough analysis. :^)
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Well said Mr. Kevy, well said!

Personally, it spite of the way a reply was made to my questions about right or duty. I would just like to drop one Neutron Bomb on Pyongyang decapitating the NK military of its leaders and be done with it. South Koreans civilians then could literally just walk in and unify both halves and we could withdraw from the country completely and let them choose their own style of living peacefully without any loss of American soldiers.

-Walk softly and carry a great big frackin' stick!

Thank you and the others for the pluses.... however, I do disagree about initiating any first strike.

Right now, I think that the United States strongly has the "moral high ground" in this situation for numerous reasons, some of which I have listed, possibly the highest high ground it has had for any potential conflict since... well, the Korean War. That would all be gone if the United States attacked first. Just as in individual conflicts, it is one of the perils of being a good and decent entity that one has to wait for the other entity to strike the first blow... for example if someone off their rocker threatens you with words and bluster only, and maybe punches a wall, and you punch them in the face laying them out and breaking their jaw, well... they won't be the one getting the assault charge.

There are too many possibilities for things to go horribly and terribly wrong in a first strike. Nick just mentioned a good one: what if we miss just enough generals to launch the counterstrike of those thousands of artillery pieces on Seoul, and maybe lob a nuke at the west coast of the USA in retaliation?

I can think of a few more:

What if Kim is never going to throw anything our way but bluster and balderdash and has no intention of attacking anything? (The aforementioned Epic Trolling... need I mention Iraq again?)
What if his generals were planning all along to assassinate him and install someone less nutty if he ever did anything as nutty as giving the order to strike the United States first?
What if we attack first and accidentally hit or otherwise damage China somehow? Oops... World War III. Didn't plan on that. (Remember that they do share a rather long border and Pyongyang is close enough to it.) Oh and China has already stated it will take North Korea's side if the United States does a first strike, but stay out of it if North Korea attacks first. So there is that.
What if we accidentally kill a few hundred thousand or million innocent civilians accidentally or as "collateral damage" because they were "in the way"?

So how do we prevent Kim's first strike?
By repeating as often as required and in no uncertain terms that any strike on the United States or its allies will result in reprisal in kind until North Korea is completely defeated: a conventional attack will result in a conventional defeat with Kim dead or captured and his military capability destroyed (with as few civilian deaths as possible), a nuclear attack on a civilian population will result in a nuclear defeat with the unfortunate and horrible complete destruction of his government (which would of course take out Pyongyang), military, nuclear arsenal and possibly other cities as required, with possibly millions of dead people...

This is not a balanced conflict; I would wager that the United States has at least a thousand nuclear warheads and/or bombs for every one North Korea has. This would not be Mutually Assured Destruction... it would just be Assured Destruction. Kim knows this well.
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You are aware the country was unified prior to the Japanese annexation and the USA and USSR artificially divided it after WWII, like Berlin, aren't you?
Korea is for Korean's not the USA, China or Russia.

Yes, I am. I'm also aware that the US and USSR had World War II and the Japanese occupation of Korea to deal with, so had to do something that with our 20/20 hindsight may seem sub-optimal. Both the North and the South objected to the partition. The difference is what they did afterwards.

The government of the South accepted the situation, got to work, built a tremendous economy and a high standard of living in a modern, open and mostly free society, without ever threatening or trying to invade the North to annex them.

The government of the North instead became one of the worst tyrannies and human-rights abusers the world has ever seen, where citizens can be imprisoned in slave labour camps for years for such "crimes" as merely not using the right reply when the dictator's name is mentioned, where their lives are worth nothing and can be arbitrarily taken at a whim in these camps (children are regularly tortured and executed there, women are raped by the guards and their children are raised to become more forced labourers) where the government has total control of everything and all contact with the outside world is forbidden for almost everyone, where most of the people outside of the cities are at the edge of starvation, if not over it, while their "people's party" leaders live in luxury. Not content to oppress its own citizens, this government still thinks it is the only correct one so invaded the South in 1950, and were it not for a brilliant stroke of military planning by Douglas MacArthur was one battle away from winning!

Did their leader learn anything from this failure? No, like all sociopaths who cannot accept responsibility for their own actions, they blamed not themselves for their illegal (South Korea's defense was supported by the United Nations and the war was a U.N. military action) and unwarranted invasion, not South Korea... but the United States for upholding their responsibility to their ally. Because of this for sixty years North Korean children have been taught to hate the United States and Americans almost from birth, and the North has become per capita and GDP the most militaristic country on Earth (again, while many of its citizens are starving,) all with the goal of one day having revenge on South Korea for opposing their invasion and the United States for assisting to prevent this.

So, sorry but I have zero sympathy for the North Korean government and its so-called leaders. If they had instead diverted their resources into building their economy, normalizing trade and relations with other nations and making life better for all of their citizens, they could have achieved reunification with the South peacefully by now. Instead they chose the route of aggression, tyranny, violence and isolation. They are the ones keeping it "North Korea for North Koreans and South Korea for South Koreans" rather than "Korea for Koreans." These are fully independent and self-governing nations already, not colonies or territories.
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Do we and other civilized Nations have a right or even a duty to go in and change their form of government?
Translation can we force our values on them? No. And shame on you for thinking we should.

The prime directive worked well in Star Trek, it should work well on Earth too.

I guess someone should have told the North Korean government that when they decided to invade South Korea, starting the Korean War ... I'm pretty sure that qualifies as attempting to change South Korea's form of government and forcing North Korea's values on them.

Or does that not count?
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It was removed very shortly after posting but the internet never forgets...
Edit: Make that "after being pointed out..." It resurfaced and was then deleted again later.

Link with full text
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Methinks the Ukraine, Libya results have Kim thinking that does not work. He believes only nukes can ensure national sovereignty .

If the fate of any other nation would point Kim in that direction, I would say it was Iraq's.
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Just in case he isn't around, I think that he meant that it was wishful thinking to suggest that a natural disaster was a political activist . At least, that's the way I interpret it.
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Meanwhile, the Times of India suggests Kim jung Un's saber-rattling and testing is to put pressure on China to act as a go-between in order to open up direct negotiations with the US.

Switzerland has volunteered.

BERNE (Reuters) - Neutral Switzerland is prepared to act as a mediator to help resolve the North Korea crisis, including by hosting ministerial talks, Swiss President Doris Leuthard said on Monday.

Leuthard said Swiss troops were deployed on the demarcation zone between South Korea and North Korea and noted that her country - along with Sweden - had a long history of neutral and discreet diplomacy. This has included Switzerland representing U.S. interests in both Iran and Cuba.
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And firing a Nuclear Weapon Capable Missile over the Japanese People. Would be considered what?

And if Putin, the USA, the UK from its Submarines, et al. Fired a Nuclear Weapon Capable Missile over a County they had threatened?

Kim must be understood in that light.

A nation's airspace is usually considered to end at about 30km altitude, otherwise countries could claim an adversary's spy satellite that passes over their nation in space was an act of war. An ICBM will reach 2,000km altitude. I'm not up on the stats of the test that went over Japan but it was probably higher than 30km because it was determined to have intercontinental range if the trajectory had been flatter.
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Understanding what might be the outcome of any action or inaction.

Any response to Kim is filling me with Utter Dread.

Me too, but I do think that the U.S. has to state firmly to Kim that he can sabre-rattle and test all he wants but any actual action is over the line just so that it is clear. Every country has a right to defend itself if attacked (not for overreacting to schoolyard bully taunts) and nothing that the U.S. has done in the recent past has warranted these threats; Kim is completely the aggressor. Hopefully if he does plan on actually going over the line his generals will spare many innocent North Korean civilians by hosting their own performance of Julius Caesar...

I still think he is trolling, as he knows perfectly well what the result will be if he is not, and he will have no one to blame but himself.
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Well I was going to suggest that at this point the U.S. make a strong statement that they will not initiate a military action but if Kim does to the U.S. or any of its allies the response will be swift and utterly catastrophic to North Korea, and presto, there it is...

US warns North Korea of "massive military response" if Kim Jong-un attacks America or its allies

Defence Secretary Jim Mattis on Sunday shot back at North Korea's latest nuclear provocation with a blunt threat, saying the U.S. will answer any North Korean threat with a "massive military response -- a response both effective and overwhelming." While he said America does not seek the "total annihilation" of the North, he added somberly, "We have many options to do so."

In a brief statement to reporters outside the White House, Mattis said the international community is unified in demanding the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and said the North's leader, Kim Jong-un, should know that Washington's commitment to Japan and South Korea is unshakeable.
37) Questions and Answers : Windows : What is the difference between CPU and GPU units? (Message 1887749)
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The workunits are exactly the same. The scheduler just sends out the type of work that the client's platform CPU or GPU can process; the local BOINC client then assigns them to the relevant CUDA or OpenCL platform that is installed.
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The more FRBs detected the more I think that the "WOW" signal was a non-repeating FRB.

The WOW signal lasted the entire 72-second duration of the aperture, whereas FRBs are transients in the millisecond range.
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100% Agree with Ryan.

I am happy that this has high-level support as well. You can encourage it by supporting the passage of the DREAM Act which will formalize it into law. The ACLU has set up a page where you can automatically call your senator.

The human impact of Trump canceling DACA and 800,000 young people losing their legal status would be devastating. Every one of them would lose their work authorization and be at risk for deportation.

These people came to the U.S. as children and America is their only home.

The bipartisan Dream Act would protect DACA-recipients by providing qualified undocumented immigrants who came to the U.S. before the age of 18 a pathway to citizenship. To be eligible, individuals must graduate from high school or pass the GED and either attend college or enlist in the military.
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Breakthrough Initiatives release

Breakthrough Listen Detects Repeating Fast Radio Bursts from the Distant Universe

Green Bank Telescope observations of a dwarf galaxy three billion light years away reveal 15 bursts of radio emission. This is the first time bursts from this source have been seen at these frequencies.

San Francisco – August 29, 2017 – Breakthrough Listen – the initiative to find signs of intelligent life in the universe – has detected 15 fast radio bursts emanating from the mysterious "repeater" FRB 121102. Fast radio bursts, or FRBs, are brief, bright pulses of radio emission from distant galaxies. First detected with the Parkes Telescope in Australia, FRBs have now been seen by several radio telescopes around the world. FRB 121102 was discovered in 2012, on November 2nd (hence its name). In 2015, it was the first FRB seen to repeat, ruling out theories of the bursts' origins that involved the catastrophic destruction of the progenitor (at least in this particular instance). And in 2016, the repeater was the first FRB to have its location pinpointed with sufficient precision to allow its host galaxy to be identified. It resides in a dwarf galaxy about 3 billion light years away from Earth.

Has also been picked up by several newspapers. But of course, only time will tell if it amounts to anything (at least that this project is looking for.)

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