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Posted 10 Aug 2012 by Profile Makermacfaker
Sorry I solved my own confusion.

But, as stated, sometimes you need to go back and start from the beginning, I didn't know I had to install the Opencl program first, I assumed it would be in the newest BOINC upgrade.

In any case, I have 5 cores running CPU and one thread using .05 processor, and the rest GPU, and MAN is it FLYING speedwise.

I think I got it solved, but, feel free to ad any helpfuls if you wish.

Keep your eye on results from that computer for a week or two, to be sure none are deemed invalid or something like that.


Sorry man, but did you mean Opengl, not Opencl?


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Posted 10 Aug 2012 by Profile Makermacfaker

My acer aspire 7741zg, intel pentium p6200 (2.13 GHz 3MB L3 cache) 2-prosessors ofcourse with AMD Radeon HD6550M with up to 2746MB hyper memory (4 GB DDR memory), the ver 7 and above (or what ever ver 7 tried many times, this LT is 100% OK) on yours dl page does not even start at all on this LapTop. So I am tied to version 6.smth. I have tried everything and you can bet your moneys that here is some information on these situations since 1991. My first op.sys. was Dos 5.0 or 5.5 cannot remember anymore, those days took most of time to find enough EMM or HI-MEM to be able to play certain games, no these days youngsters know anything about it.

So question:
Is there anyone who can take those improvements to working 6 ver or could someone who is coding now those 7 versions take a second look onto their codes.

This is annoying situation the Boinc-manager shouts everyday to update to the never version, or did it you say: "should update!"


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Posted 8 Aug 2012 by Profile Makermacfaker
Can't u make an installer please? I do NOT like any hacking anymore, done that enough since 1991.

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