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1) Message boards : Number crunching : we are junks? (Message 20238)
Posted 3517 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
"in fact i am pissed off by this messege"

In a place where competition is hot for being the most pissed off by the smallest thing, I think we may have a winner :)

So many people here either need to get laid or find some good recreational drugs.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : AZWoody was right. (Message 19980)
Posted 3517 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
I find the whole thing quite bizarre. As the owner of a website where some people criticize incessantly while other people actually do the work, I'm no stranger to this sort of behaviour. However it never ceases to amaze me how upset some people get when the hard work being done selflessly by other people for the common good fails to meet their expectations.

In the end, some people are just too uptight to be reasonable. There's no point arguing with the complainers, they won't change. I just look at them getting all stressed because "the project is down!!!" and give thanks that I'm not like that.
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : S@h Berkeley's Staff Friends Club (Message 19833)
Posted 3518 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
Sign me up please.
4) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC SETI XML extended stats for the WORLD (UPDATE) (Message 17300)
Posted 3523 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
Kudos to you Zain.

I'm hoping to spend a bit of spare time working on my own new SETI site and I'll be happy to give your site a plug, as well as the others around here that have good sites. Hopefully we can generate enough interest that the genuine click-through traffic will be ample :)

5) Message boards : Number crunching : BOINC SETI XML extended stats for the WORLD (UPDATE) (Message 17211)
Posted 3523 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
Hi Zain,

You are doing tremendous work and I'm sure everyone is very grateful. I've certainly been very impressed with your efforts.

However I'm going to say something which might get me flamed but needs to be said: Please do *not* click on the Google ads just for the sake of boosting your income. The main reasons are:

(1) Advertisers are honest people paying honest money for these clicks. By clicking fraudulently, you are stealing money from them. Sure it's going to a good cause, but it's still stealing.
(2) Fraudulent clicking lowers the value of Google ads for advertisers, who then reduce the amount of money they are prepared to bid, which lowers the value of the entire program for yourself and everyone else.
(3) You will get your Adsense account cancelled if Google hears about this. Seriously, I've seen it happen. All it takes is for someone who doesn't like you to see your post and forward it to Google. They may send you a final warning or they may cancel your account immediately (and keep any money owing).

I am a website provider myself - I produce free resource sites such as which rely entirely on Google ads for survival. I completely understand how difficult it is to provide free websites and your need to recoup costs. However this is not the way to do it.

Regards and all the best,
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : BOINC-related copyright (Message 16776)
Posted 3524 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
Okay, I'm going to assume that I have tacit approval to use the logo and domain name. I certainly tried my best to do it by the book and I doubt whether anyone is going to get too upset with me. Thanks Janus.
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : BOINC-related copyright (Message 16520)
Posted 3525 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
Thanks. What about the policy on related domain names? I have registered and I'd like to use it for the good of the project, but only if the "brand owners" are happy for me to do so.

Looking around the BOINC site (and Googling), I can't find any references which could help me decide whether this is acceptable not. I can't even see who to contact and ask.

I see that many other people have registered similar domains and are using them for BOINC-related sites. However I like to do things by the book and get appropriate permissions before using someone else's brand.
8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : BOINC-related copyright (Message 16027)
Posted 3527 days ago by Profile Dave Owen
Is there a FAQ somewhere which deals with issues like use of the BOINC/SAH logos, registering BOINC-related domains, etc?

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