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Posted 18 May 2011 by Profile Rainmaker*
With this much data, maybe EVERYONE might get the chance to talk to E.T.

If it's suppossed to be me, it will....(crossing fingers, toes, and eyes - eyes for only a very short time).

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Posted 22 Mar 2011 by Profile Rainmaker*

Like most everyone else, thank you for the update. However, I'm not up on the lingo of the trade. My conception of networks pretty much ends after a P2P setup.

I'll paraphrase: The RAID (familiar term) server that has all the raw data on it went kah-putz, and the replica of the RAID followed suit. The system that the RAID replica was attached to, a Sun 3510, keeps loosing external storage - another RAID - but it seems to be an issue with the 3510, not the entire system itself and we are in need of a different type of external storage system.

I have no idea what rpc.idmapd is, but I think a daemon is a "handler" of sorts, and that "handler," when it dies, fills up other mounted systems with files of unknown ownership. A work-around you created restarts the daemon every so often to keep it running and not stuffing the other systems fill of files.

***end of paraphrasing***

I understand what distributive computing is, but when I start seeing jocelyn and mysql, my brain turns into goo and I don't understand it any more.

So I am guessing that it might be a while before things are back up and running for SETI@home.

If I am incorrect in my last "guess," please let me know.


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