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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Gripes and Kudos II (Message 1180723)
Posted 981 days ago by Profile Terry Long
No complaints. Merry Christmas all. :D
2) Message boards : Politics : Prez is Good, Real Good. You've Won. Time to Get 'er Done. (Message 1173043)
Posted 1015 days ago by Profile Terry Long
It is what it is.. People voted for him cause he was supposed to be so great. The largest % of people that voted for him were black. And they have been hurt worse than anyone in the country. Yet 90% of them still are going to vote for him again. Doesn't make any sense to me.

Of course I don't trust him or Mitt Romney, who will probably win. I never thought I'd say it but I actually want Newt Gingrich to win the nomination. I am a conservative, but I don't trust fake conservatives. Mitt Romney is that. Obama is the most liberal president in the history of the US, the worst.. Besides Grant, who got drunk all the time and signed bills while he was drunk. But even he didn't spend as much as Obama has by % spent.

Obama believes in a socialist utopia. Something that won't work in small countries in Europe. What does he think will happen in a large county like this one? He's not going to stop. Sure the thought of everyone being equal is a nice thought as far as money goes. And he can achieve that, sure. Problem is everyone will be broke as hell. I suppose that's equal though, so him and the Progressive loons will be happy at that point. America! The next third world county. Get ready!

3) Message boards : Politics : More hogwash about JFK....... (Message 1172751)
Posted 1016 days ago by Profile Terry Long
They could not stand to be outed, so they had him assassinated.

That is what many conspiracy theories maintain Mark, but I think that we will never know for sure. If it is true, "they" have made sure we will never know.

Oh, I shall day.

It may be the day I go to meet my maker...and he answers all questions.

A question is asked often......if you had the power to go back in time.....
That day is the one day and moment in time I would go to if I had the power.
Without a doubt, the one single question I would ask an answer for.
I would prefer that it would be before my own demise, although there are few still alive that could answer to their earthly sins. Closure would be earthshaking.

Ofc it's fiction, but Stephen King's new book is actually about time travel and JFK's assassination. From my understanding it's very interesting, but a fairly long read at over 800 pages.

4) Message boards : Politics : Boxing... why is it legal? (Message 1172749)
Posted 1016 days ago by Profile Terry Long
WWE Rules, is the only sport where the player is it with a chair or a baseball bat in the head by other and does not bleed.

Probably they have a very tick skull, not like boxers where after a few years they can develop parkinson.

Boxing is not my cup of tea, but in many countries it's like a national sport.

Another thing, that for me turns boxing not interesting, is the money Iivolved with all the betting. Money destroys sports and destroys the show. At least with WWE we all know it’s a joke, while with boxing, it’s still a show, but most people still think that it’s a sport. Money had corrupted Boxing long time ago.

Lol based off what you said, Basket Ball, Football, Soccer, every sport on the face of the planet is rigged. All of these 3 sports bring more money per year than Boxing does, especially Soccer. Which btw is by far the most boring sport out there besides maybe Tennis or Golf (gag).

No one plays any sport for free. Not professionally.

5) Message boards : Politics : Boxing... why is it legal? (Message 1172330)
Posted 1017 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Interestingly some of the most avid boxing fans are women.

At one stage of my career I was the engineer for a radio station that sponsored boxing matches. Because of this I would have to attend the matches to set up the outside broadcast gear.

I noticed that the male spectators would show most appreciation at the technical aspects of the fights, the timing, the footwork, the skill of the fighters. The female spectators however would wait until the boxers were standing toe to toe and really slugging it out and then they would go "troppo". They would scream and barrack until they were hoarse, some of them would actually start to foam at the mouth. At the end of the night these women would be that high on adrenaline they barely knew where they were.

It's the same with professional wrestling, the men go for the show but a lot of women go for the blood.

There's something very primal going on there.


I have noticed this simply by paying attention to the crowds as I watch on Television. You are 100% correct. And it's a conspiracy I say!

Women want to see men destroy one another, each time it happens they are one step closer to taking over the WOR.... oh wait.. too late, they already have..

Damn.. =D

6) Message boards : Politics : Boxing... why is it legal? (Message 1172305)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
I personally enjoy boxing quite a bit. It's a tie for my favorite sports (football being the other). I enjoy watching it. If two people wish to put on gloves and beat the hell out of one another for my entertainment, so be it. It's their lives and their choice.

Anyone who doesn't like it doesn't have to watch, it's that simple.

7) Message boards : Politics : What Is Racism ? (Message 1172303)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
I believe words are words. ACTS are far more dangerous. Therefor everything "racist" said rolls off my back.

6 white people get together and lynch a black man: racist
6 black people get together and lynch a white man: racist
Both cases: murder

End result = same.

People take words entirely too seriously. I'm sick of seeing "But words do hurt!" Get over yourselves and move on with life, if you that worried about what someone says, natural selection should take care of you soon enough. Worry about what people may DO far more than what they may say.

It's always the quiet ones that will kill you anyhow. :D

8) Message boards : Politics : More hogwash about JFK....... (Message 1172266)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
He may have been the only person shooting, sure. But he definitely didn't plan the entire thing alone. I'm sure there are people who disagree, but that's fine. :D

9) Message boards : Politics : Occupy this thread (Message 1172265)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
This thread is epic. We now know which capitalists to exploit in order to pay our ways through life! :D

10) Message boards : Politics : Occupy this thread (Message 1172223)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Oh dear, I bought some British Gas shares when they were privatised in 1986. Am I now dammed for all eternity .....

Let that be a lesson to you. Give you something to think about when your burning in hell now, won't it? :P

11) Message boards : Politics : Occupy this thread (Message 1172198)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
I guess I'm a capitalist. I bought stock in XM satellite radio.

You sir, are the very definition of EVIL! Lol

12) Message boards : Politics : Pizza is a Vegetable? No it is not. Pizza is a Fruit. (Message 1172184)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Lol.. just MADNESS! :D

13) Message boards : Politics : Dylan Ratigan is a legend... (Message 1172183)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
It's a good word for what's been happening for 20 years. Best one I can think of actually. :D

14) Message boards : Politics : Occupy Wall Street (Message 1172182)
Posted 1018 days ago by Profile Terry Long
I have no issue saying that some of the reasoning OWS has to protest is legitimate. I've said that since it started. It's the way they have went about it that is actually not correct. You don't set up tent cities in public places. If the government had them do that it would be called a Concentration Camp. The health issues, crime rate, things such as that have hurt their own cause. I'll never believe that the rich should pay the poor's way. Doing so would finish this country off. Of course then I suppose Mr. President would be happy....

Wall St. is full of corruption, it always has been, I'll not say any differently. It is a real reason to go out and protest. However... So is the government in general. If they wanted to effect real change they would have been protesting in the beginning in Washington, DC. I honestly believe Wall St should be closely monitored, however that being said, the amount of regulation actually kills SMALL businesses. Those businesses are the backbone of the entire country. The majority of all jobs in the US are at small businesses. All the regulation has people not willing to start one anymore, and those that have one would rather shut it down than keep losing money.

There is a better, safer way to protest than how they have went at this. It hasn't been organized enough. I've never seen a protest in all my life that actually need to police it's own people to this extent. However it isn't the worst.. Someone should have driven a CAR through the Westboro Baptist Church protests at some point. I've seen some call OWS the most hateful bunch of protesters in US history.

Now I'm not supporting how they've went about doing the OWS protests, they've clouded their own purpose by how they've done it. However Westboro are the biggest bunch of idiots we've ever had protest, besides maybe KKK/racist protests in general (yes this includes the Black Panthers, two groups of idiots don't make a right..).

In closing, whether I believe it to be right or wrong (in it's entirety..), OWS has a legitimate reason to protest, but not all of their reasons (or what they want) are correct. Some of them are Anarchists, lazy as hell, drug users, or just don't know why they are there. They are however correct about Wall St. being crooked. This won't change the minds of any die-hard supporters of it, and it wasn't meant to. Thanks for your time. :D

15) Message boards : Politics : Dylan Ratigan is a legend... (Message 1171985)
Posted 1019 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Agreed. I'm not a big fan of MSNBC, but he hit the nail right on the head. Brilliantly said.

16) Message boards : Politics : Occupy Wall Street (Message 1171852)
Posted 1019 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Indeed they should, I am so glad that we don't have sustained high unemployment so they all can get a job easily. Oh wait....

Best sign I've seen at an Occupiers rally: Get a job and Occupy a DESK! Of course that was a counter-protester. Lol


You think it's going to help them get a job if they sit in a park for 2 months holding signs, shooting up, murdering, raping, and generally being pricks? Probably not.

17) Message boards : Politics : Occupy Wall Street (Message 1171848)
Posted 1019 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Completely OT, possible server bug or data corruption.
Reading the forum on the left it says Terry Long has 9 posts. Click on his user name link and there it says he has 8 posts. Clicking on that link and it lists 9 posts.

I totally blame the aliens on Wall St. I warned everyone this would happen. :D


*EDIT* My total post # is 10. Dunno why there are errors. Damn Aliens.
18) Message boards : Politics : Occupy Wall Street (Message 1171842)
Posted 1019 days ago by Profile Terry Long
The main problem with Occupy is that they seem to want to destroy their own movement. They have major health issues (as in nastiness..), and they seem to like to rape/murder their own. It's being targeted from within by sicko's who don't actually want to protest anything, but cause as much trouble as possible.

Besides all that, the seem to miss the whole point about how wealth distribution and killing capitalism won't work in a country this large. Look at Europe.. I know! They should all just move to Europe and get a taste of how awesome their ideas are. I vote to send them to Greece for 3 months.


If Greece had any sense or say in the matter they would default on the debt and leave the European union.

I am not sure how your comments about destruction of Capitalism and what is going on in Europe are linked. Could you explain in a little more detail please?

Sure. Occupy doesn't like Capitalism at all. The European model is basically a Nanny state. This is what the Occupy movement in the end wants. The rich paying the way of the poor. I don't mean all European countries, but the vast majority of them. It turns the people into basically children on a teat. Look at what happened in France when they raised the retirement age from like 60-62. People went nuts in the streets because they are so used to entitlements. People do not like to see change in any way when this is what they are used to.

Capitalism prevents this sort of thing. Socialism condones it. You cannot take from the few (Rich, job creators) and give to the many (everyone else). In the US we are all afforded the same opportunities. Some of us make it, some do not. I personally haven't. However that being said, there will never be the day I am marching like an idiot with the Occupiers who want to take what they have not earned. You may not agree with me, and that is fine. That's the great thing about human beings. We have free will to believe and state what we wish. :D

Best sign I've seen at an Occupiers rally: Get a job and Occupy a DESK! Of course that was a counter-protester. Lol

19) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Contest X (Message 1171598)
Posted 1020 days ago by Profile Terry Long
20) Message boards : Number crunching : shortie storm has arrived here ... (Message 1171596)
Posted 1020 days ago by Profile Terry Long
Yep. Got a good many of those myself. Some so short they only lasted 20-30 seconds. But I guess it's something. Lmao


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