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1) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Exchange Credit to Gridcoin (Message 1850250)
Posted 1 day ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
People contribute their computer time to these projects without expectation of any monetary reward, rather for the satisfaction of knowing they contributed to the achievement of the greatest quest in the scientific world.
2) Message boards : Cafe SETI : SyFy series "The Expanse" (Message 1845951)
Posted 19 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Season 2 of this series started Wed., Feb 1st. It is set about 200 years in the future. Mars is being colonized as well as several of the larger asteroids. The plot deals with political conflict between the several colonies and earth. All the space hardware has been carefully thought out and spaceflight is handled in a plausible authentic way. The program is gaining popularity as it is presented like a big budget theatrical movie.
3) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Dark matter/Dark Energy (Message 1845714)
Posted 21 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
New programming in "How the Universe Works" was aired Tuesday evening regarding Dark Matter. It was basically an hour of speculation concerning the nature of and possible effects of whatever it is. No new revelations of discoveries. I think it really bugs the scientific world that they have almost no clue about the nature of what they believe constitutes 86% of the matter in the universe.
4) Message boards : Politics : US Elections 2016 (Message 1843911)
Posted 23 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
Like always, people's point of view is colored by their politics.
5) Message boards : Politics : US Elections 2016 (Message 1843882)
Posted 23 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
I watched a documentary on the History Channel yesterday about Donald Trump and his path to the White House. If that had been aired before the election I might have voted for him. It's amazing how many of his old elitist friends turned their backs on him.
6) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : British Antarctic suvey to be pulled out (Message 1842731)
Posted 17 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
From what I read it is only a temporary measure until the stability of the ice shelf is restored.
7) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : How soon will planet 9 be found? (Message 1841985)
Posted 13 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
Last year, scientists spotted signs which offered a hint that there is a huge, unseen world lurking at the edge of our solar system – ‘Planet Nine’.

The giant, hidden planet is thought to be 10 times more massive than Earth – and on an orbit which takes 10,000 or 20,000 years to go round the sun.

But the story of Planet 9 might be even odder than first believed – as scientists say it may once have been a ‘rogue’, free-roaming planet which was captured by our solar system.
It's all conjecture, no proof at all. Why are people so wanting it to be true???

+1 Yes the wild speculation that goes on about planet 9 in particular and exoplanets in general amazes me.
8) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Possible way to find new Kuiper Belt objects. (Message 1841623)
Posted 12 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
So, it wasn't a bad idea, just not a new one. It seems to me then that, assuming it's there, planet nine should be spotted using this method sooner or later.
9) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Possible way to find new Kuiper Belt objects. (Message 1841587)
Posted 12 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
The traditional way to find new objects orbiting the sun is by looking at images of the same small region of space and finding faint objects that are moving across the star field and ultimately determining the objects orbital path. I'm thinking that maybe some larger objects that are too faint to be seen might momentarily block the light from background stars that they pass in front of and create a pattern that can be used to calculate the object's orbit. Is this a silly idea. and could this method be used to determine the size of the object?
10) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : New star predicted to ignite in Cygnus Constellation in 2022 (Message 1841243)
Posted 10 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
The "Boom" star as it is called will form from the collision of two small stars that are not currently visible to the naked eye. At 1,800LY distance it is predicted that for a time it will be the second brightest object in the night sky.
11) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : The Voyagers’ (Message 1841031)
Posted 9 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
I wasn't thinking of optical detection. I'm just wondering how long the radio telescopes will be able to pick out the Voyager's radio transmissions from the static.
12) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : The Voyagers’ (Message 1840889)
Posted 8 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
Any estimate on when the Voyager signals will get too weak to be picked out of the background noise? It amazes me that they can be detected even now.
13) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Do you think aliens use radio waves to communicate with each other? (Message 1840610)
Posted 7 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
A lot of these new propulsion ideas sound great until they get to the end of the description where they mention in passing that it would need to harness the energy of a star to make it go anywhere. No time soon I presume.
14) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Do you think aliens use radio waves to communicate with each other? (Message 1839825)
Posted 3 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
I already suggested that Bob! Message 1839568

I have to say that I am very sceptical about flying saucers. If they were as prolific as people suggest some time in the last 100 years one would have crashed somewhere (not Roswell!!) and been reverse engineered making mankind a lot further advanced than we are now.

For instance, look at what it takes to put a man on the moon, and bring him back. Look what it takes to make a trip to the ISS and back. We are many years away from something like the Enterprise orbiting Earth and their shuttle craft popping up and down. For this exercise I'll discount their transporter system.

My thinking behind this is that if a UFO is real, then it by default doesn't come from earth. Therefore Is it based in our Solar system even on a planet we haven't found yet? Or is it based in another star system somewhere, the nearest one being 4 LY away. Either way whoever or whatever controls them must have technology that we can only dream of, and are surprisingly a bit haphazard to say the least in exposing themselves then zapping off to avoid getting caught. Their technology would know that earthbound radars and satellites could track their performance as indeed they do.

I think that if UFO's exist they are likely to be remote controlled drones of some kind, I doubt their makers are inside them. A drone is expendable, a "person" isn't. In which case where is the mother ship?

I have no real answer to anal probes and cattle mutilations, other than to say that if they have interplanetary travel nailed down and even interstellar travel, then they would not need to be so crude to find out more about us. They would use whole body MRI scanners or more likely Bones diagnostic couches in Enterprise sick bay, maybe even what the Doctor used as a handheld in USS Voyager.

At the end of the day there is no conclusive evidence for any ET really is there, just a lot of anomalies and occurrences that we simply cannot explain. Plus of course the pseudo sci fi press that encourage it all to make a living. The possibilities are

There is no-one there
We are looking in the wrong place
We are using the wrong search tools
They don't want to be found.

Given the vastness of interstellar space it is likely that there are others out there somewhere, but so far away that neither of us will ever know that the other exists. Earth is 4.5 Billion years old, at best guess we believe the observable universe that we can detect is about 13.8 billion years old. WE are the teenagers on the block. It would be like putting a fish in the Atlantic at England and one at New York, and hoping that one day they might meet up!!

OK, I see now that you touched on the idea briefly. Sometimes it is hard in a thread like this one that has become full of off topic chatter and ramblings that have nothing to do with the original subject.
15) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : When will Betelgeuse explode (Message 1839759)
Posted 3 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
I think most astrophysicists agree that at 630 LY. plus or minus we are safe from whatever Betelgeuse flings our way. Now I read it is 530 LY. and they are still not sure of that.
16) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Do you think aliens use radio waves to communicate with each other? (Message 1839758)
Posted 3 Jan 2017 by Profile Bob DeWoody
Perhaps the concept of "subspace" is a way that spacefaring aliens communicate with each other. Assuming that in subspace communication over vast distances is virtually instantaneous all you need is a portal between normal space and subspace. It worked in Babylon 5 that way,
17) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : When will Betelgeuse explode (Message 1838558)
Posted 29 Dec 2016 by Profile Bob DeWoody
Every night in the winter time when I go outside I look up at Orion with the faint hope that Betelgeuse will have gone supernova or even better that I will be looking when that first burst of light makes us aware that a major event has happened. Oh, I know that this event is probably a million years off but wouldn't it be amazing if our generation got to witness the explosion of such a star.

OK, am I alone here or do some of you look up hoping to see a star go supernova.
18) Message boards : SETI@home Science : A team of scientists is preparing to phone ET's home. (Message 1838082)
Posted 27 Dec 2016 by Profile Bob DeWoody
I'm still not so sure that we (as a planet) should be trying to draw attention to ourselves from whoever may be out there. If they already know we are here and haven't been reassured about our ability to a) take care of our environment and b) get along with our neighbors, then why go looking for trouble. E.T. isn't going to help us solve our earthly problems, those are things we must deal with on our own.
19) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : icbm targeting systems (Message 1837443)
Posted 23 Dec 2016 by Profile Bob DeWoody
That probably wouldn't help since by the time a warhead is that close it's trajectory is on a ballistic path. Plus I'm sure they use gps nowadays and a nuclear device doesn't need pin point accuracy.
20) Message boards : SETI@home Science : The Most Mysterious Star in the Galaxy (Message 1836939)
Posted 19 Dec 2016 by Profile Bob DeWoody
Although I am doubtful about this star system being the home of an intelligent civilization I also hope that sooner or later we will locate one, and that no matter when that is the initial discovery will most likely ambiguous and take a while to confirm. Maybe this is the one.

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