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1) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Interesting Physics (Message 1745108)
Posted 4 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody

I have finished my course in Quantum Mechanics from the Teaching Company and am underwhelmed. I did learn that the underlying logic is in fact Boolean (two state) and that a Qubit and an entangled bit gives you two binary bits of information. All of the rest was repetition of the hype that I was trying to get to the bottom of.

The claim is that a quantum computer can try all possible calculations at once to solve compute intensive problems such as factoring 500 digit numbers and so on. No explanation given for the logic, program or hardware as to how this might work.

Also as stated earlier "superposition comes" about by multiplying a state vector by a complex conjugate vector.

So, I will next try to take the lectures from Berkley to unravel some of this.

I have the same course, and was left with similar questions.


Maybe it's because, in the end, they don't really know much more than you do.
2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : The Most Mysterious Star in the Galaxy (Message 1744663)
Posted 5 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Yeah, I have my doubts too concerning the comet explanation. About the same as my feelings about it being a partial Dyson sphere.
3) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Whats the scariest weapon? (Message 1744159)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Something you can't see, hear or smell. A designer virus that spreads and kills before you can react and do something about it.
4) Message boards : Cafe SETI : College Football (Message 1744094)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
I am a Florida Gators fan but I have to admit they are probably the worst top ten team ever. They are 9 and 1 and the SEC East champs. If somehow they beat Alabama in the SEC championship game they will most likely play for the National Championship. If they play like they did against Georgia they could win. If they play like they did against Vanderbilt and Florida Atlantic they will lose miserably. All because a freshman quarterback took some over the counter strength enhancing pills without checking first if they were legal in the NCAA books
5) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1744088)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
I still ponder whether these extremists are acting completely on their own or are they being manipulated by an outside entity or entities that stands to profit from the results of their actions.
6) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Try doing this (Message 1744041)
Posted 8 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Just an idea, not based on experience:

If I remember right, what Brits call Braces, Americans call Suspenders.
What Brits call Suspenders, Americans might call Garter belts - used to hold up Ladies' stockings.

America and Great Britain - two peoples separated by a common language.

Ahh, OK, suspenders had already been discussed. My definition of braces is that they are devices that people wear to reinforce weak joints like knees and ankles. You see them on American football players all the time.
7) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Try doing this (Message 1743890)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
The idea about wearing a long night shirt or T shirt is worth investigating. I wore braces as a child until I was 13 or 14. Neither the doctors nor medicare view setting me up in braces as an option. It's been over 5 years now since the car accident that forced me to give up walking and any attempt now to get me back on my feet would require more physical therapy than they will authorise If I were independently wealthy I would have hired a physical therapist and paid for the necessary medical equipment myself. Believe me, I would rather be walking than riding if I could.
8) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Try doing this (Message 1743802)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Try putting overalls on while lying in bed and then getting them down every three or four hours to empty the bladder while still sitting. As for the suspenders I tried them but inevitably the clasps end up in a location where they chafe or cut me. Remember I am either sitting in my chair or lying down, so I sit there up to 8 hours at a stretch. One solution I could join a nudist colony. Living in Florida I would only need clothes a couple of months out of the year. My normal dress at home is boxers, a pair of sweat shorts and a t-shirt.

This is a minor travail and I admit I really just wanted to vent a little steam. But any truly inspired suggestions will be considered, but try doing what you suggest while sitting and not using your legs, if it works then tell me.
9) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Try doing this (Message 1743797)
Posted 9 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Five years now I have been sitting in a wheelchair or power chair. I can only stand up briefly when transferring and then only if I am holding on to something with both hands. Last night a neighbor came over to try to help me with a computer problem and first off he noticed my pants were about halfway down my hips and informed me that I needed to pull them up. This or something similar happens several times a week. So I explained to him that I can get my butt of the seat only by pushing on the armrests with BOTH hands and would he please tell me where my third arm is to pull the pants up with, unless he was volunteering his services. Before I get out of bed I roll both ways on the bed and pull my pants up until I'm about to give myself a wedgie, but in the process of sliding over into my chair inevitably the waistline starts it's journey downward. Then during the day as I have to readjust my position in the chair they slide downward a little more. I try to make sure everything stays covered up but sooner or later if I have company somebody informs me that I need to pull my pants up. What's a guy to do?
10) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Detection Distance (Message 1743730)
Posted 10 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
I have participated nearly from the start but now that I am fifteen years older I have come to realise that detection of ET by us is an extreme longshot. And yet I continue to participate and will do so until I die or the project shuts down. I just think it is all worth the effort no matter how long the odds.
11) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1743522)
Posted 10 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
I agree, we don't want to start down that slippery slope of using the old testament of the Bible as a guide for future action. There is no politically correct course of action available to the western powers. So, the right way to go is that which generates the least collateral damage on both sides.
12) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1743390)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
This whole thing stinks so much. I'd even be OK with sanctioning some surgical assassinations. I know the US has officially banned political assassination as a tool but in this case I think some may be called for. Where's 007 when we need him
13) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Detection Distance (Message 1743388)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
In my opinion if they are further away than 100LY then finding them will be a nice paragraph in the history books and interesting to know but otherwise utterly useless.
14) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1743310)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Very important question. How much more freedom will we give up in the name of security. I am afraid that if more airliners get blown up along with suicide attacks on entertainment venues our individual freedoms will all but cease to exist for the greater good.
15) Message boards : Politics : Catholic criticism. (Message 1743273)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Certainly not people, most of them haven't been sufficiently trained to use them, and when they have received minimum safety instructions never practice with them. They don't control them very well and allow others access to them.

Tell me, in all honesty, how many Americans that legally own guns, could hit a barn door at 10 paces when put under stress?

1%, 5%, 10%, anything over this is surely fantasy.

Possibly every army veteran who went through rifle training. There are a lot of them out there.
16) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Detection Distance (Message 1743272)
Posted 11 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
I have read about an estimate of 1,500 light years.

That is a very liberal estimate. I have seen estimates of the range of normal radio and TV signals as low as 100 LY.

But you have to remember, a signal from 1,500 LY out has taken 1,500 years to get hear and a reply another 1,500 years.
17) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : 3D map of the universe (Message 1743057)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
They had a segment on "How the Universe works" explaining the structure of the known universe and how the astronomers at the Apache Point Observatory created the map. Then they showed a computer simulation of the structure and observed that it resembles a sponge. To me it also resembled a diagram of how all the synapses of a human brain are interconnected. Now I wonder if anyone else has made the same comparison.
18) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1743006)
Posted 12 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
You all realise that in an Islamic state run by ISIS publishing those cartoons would most likely cause you to lose your head, literally.
19) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742789)
Posted 13 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
Check up on history, Neville Chamberlain negotiated.

Yeah and where did that leave England, not to mention the rest of the world.
20) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742628)
Posted 14 days ago by Profile Bob DeWoody
The really sad thing is that there is likely no workable solution to the overall problem. Weapons are too easy to get and most any halfway intelligent high school student with an internet connection can make an IED.

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