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1) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Teams (Message 1639838)
Posted 10 Feb 2015 by Profile DAM1987
hello im sure this has been asked time n time again

is it possible to make an cross project team insted of making multipul teams of the same name for each project ??

2) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Boinc run settings (Message 1185187)
Posted 14 Jan 2012 by Profile DAM1987
Boinc run settings what do you use and how does that affect you.
Do you run boinc when idle or when at your PC ?? do you use all cores at 100% or all cores at a lower %.
3) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : Snotland (Scotland) (Message 1170683)
Posted 13 Nov 2011 by Profile DAM1987
Any Teams gangs clans from scotland around the lothians ?
4) Message boards : Team Recruitment Center : all projects one team (Message 1082626)
Posted 1 Mar 2011 by Profile DAM1987
hello iam kinda new to the team side of boinc etc.. i know you can make teams for many diffrent projects but could 1 make a team then link other projects to it .. so you dont have many teams named the same and all diffrent projects..??
so if you cane can some 1 tell me how ???

thank you

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