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Posted 6 Feb 2012 by Profile #Con.#
i see people thinking deeper in mind -they have like"two of You"
hi-mind and low-mind....
people when are creative thinking more combination[1] "more You"
ex. 3 hi-minds [three you [yeasterday]] to 2 low-minds...
end every unit-people HAVE different, not similar....combination[1]
other place and time....and in position 0/zero/null every unit are alone...
them only self place which is Heart and low-mind
and it progressing then unit-person get idea...

!!! i thing my english is enought to write correct answer/reason [short]
!!! maybe with your english is something not good... ;]

Happy Day...

If i lie in mind its for a rule/principal... just to hide my values in
form 'understand'to keep it alone.. and no body know...
thats what understanded[think in mind-too[self]] only me its Me.
-my health....
i can "share' [meaning too - give]ONLY "Not from inside part of "my" truth
correct is: wich is packed truth from outside on example level [of reality +natural selection=proportional]

We lerning every day... just maybe form short message for me - question .?.
Wall at us between cant must be more then litte problem cancel'ing Option
-=-[method]/self enought\ is very " intresting to You ".


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Posted 26 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
its in principal meaning words combination method described...

think deeper...
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Posted 26 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
you're not at this LEVEL..

try going step by step...if you will be correct you feel and understand the difference...

if not.....maybe never understand....

i have much more experience, but maybe never prove...
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Posted 21 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
PUSH: Quote to see correct lines in vers of digits...

like i write... not befour post - was changing... look correct!!

HD-3D ;]

.Be! Careful...
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Posted 21 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#





x x x x
loop: what is: 5 0 4 2
wich is: 1 2 3 4
# - unknown


In that method will be work program [*.exe] to coding mind...

C:\>begining -pro mind



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Posted 20 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
one more thing...

we cannot describe thinking in word 100% correct with truth...

becouse mind is not-material.

standing thinking in this level is wrong

becouse truth cannot see... only in assumption we get what is truth

answer self ex. what is posible if..

this massage i write alone...

after...msg. write my friend wich translate my informacion for you...

my english is too basic for person on higher standards level like "you" then my.....

apropos... *.exe program for computer...
i create one and have.

coder wich write me program [of my aurhors] did error...

program works but not like i want...

C:\>loop digits.exe

if i could answer for your questions is pleasure...

i know how create program to coding mind.....but...!! <--important

i give you method- [litte path] epizod - of my wings of project
just only principal [in future- if..] is in "some" level values in my project
at "your" - level [place given - to work] must be enought 0 - zero
0-zero point - correct must be: total - zero...

one more time sorry for my english...

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Posted 20 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
i'd say its like You write yet not entirely - although such an system is logical, but..
i put it this way- o dont link/join two elements together, but i build third in concept.. adding work
like with the two previous elements which we're coding.. that done correctly has its place and leaves traces

[looking from a different perspective] in the past..
and... we dont link to the point, but thru a tangent do this point adding energy [enriching with some energy]
we build next system..

this method is utter - that means - principal - the core - perfection-

Your method is also logical but could lead to an error!..
in some matters of thinking and proceeding.. foreseen by me..

because it can give a lot of possibilities, but ask yourself- what You "cant"?]
and create limitations..[and breaking them would threat wiht some serious consequences] - i foreseen
and my method is not being brought to such level..[situation]

im a bit prejudiced to usa, but such companies like nasa and few, until they wont be under influence of

politics, are able to make me cooperate
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Posted 19 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
CHRIS: YOU ask is this help something?...
how i write i make this simply animation.. - "Eye"
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Posted 19 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
i mean want co-operative with russia.

and sorry for trouble with my english
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Posted 19 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#

NICK: you are wrong thinking i dont want co-operative with russia...
i want but other time and other level...

here is now...
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Posted 18 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
ps. sorry for late...
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Posted 18 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
CHRIS: Yes. It can be useful - ''eye'.
I made it too.
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Posted 18 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
we take a point in our mind [dot] [f.e: green] size 1x1 mm[just like in imagination but its a work of
will - when we think we do work] and its taking place in mind where every mind is different just like
a fingerprint - but there are certain standrads - construction - schemes] (but about that later)

the point we set in central position of mind [installing/assuming!] t.b.c <---- important
we can handle the point in our mind [dot] [but its also an idea - energy] for as long as you want to see
how thought and mind reacts. This point we hang in the center [it will be created somewhere aprox behind the

horizon of perception - and so the energy] You can eat, watch tv, run, do whatever etc. The hanging point that

You are thinking with You will is the work - the work is the energy [impulses and brainwaves - electric and

radio waves - energy. The point itself works like a generator and the work is being done constantly when You

think of this point - it will be hanged in central place in your mind -= in my project is so that its central
basicly You can set for Yourself where the point its placed but central is a standard.

IMPORTANT: myself along with the point - i mean i assigned the energy i think of to the point but its possible

to forget but You know - the energy is being generated..
so the point is -= energy has nothing physical, never had, never will
[3x energy = 3x = place-/assuming that-/ the function or rather value]
plus energy of destruction f.e: fire - the fourth energy] and in my project the point symbolizes four energies

- and by thinking i do work
!! You dont have to think about those 4 energies simultaneously but assign [to know] and to only think of
the point the rest shall be done by reactions and chain reactions = natural and the nature will do the rest for

All You need to do is to wait for the point/dot - the generator with its own will will harvest very little

energy [in world scale - but in terms of a one unit is sufficient/ in this point somewhere beyond the horizon
[its coming out of my analysis]
the energy will anyways arrive from beyond the horizon to the author of the work and in the natural way it will
strenghten, immune and it will grow.. You should relax and think along with the point, thru the point or about

the point. The energy will grow [IMPORTANT] - NOTHING SHOULD BE CHANGED!!

Basicly it can take a good while before the energy from beyond the horizon reach the author of a thinking unit

- mind work]
But because of the opportunity of cooperation with You theoreticly my project theory in the part of my truth i

create is allowing unaided setting of a scheme of action
You can build your own model of logic based on this knowledge - this method..

in zero point "every" typical unit [the one that is strenghtening the project=in zero point= is always on its

own, next everything else is just an upgrade in mind..and the project too..
just like the memory - when f.e. we remind oureslf of some moments we see in our imagination - from my

equasions its seems like we have such an upgrade from our ancestors [the god??]- the church

its possible... i decided that the consciousness is mainly the feelings and only that remains - f.e. i do feel
- in cosciousness - what i did yesterday - its also a memory - i feel what i remember and it gives me the

picture about experiance that i got - its my consciousness..
i dont belive [in general] that the picture in memory is always true it can be false, but the feelings not
You cant cheat the nature..

in general i have joined 4 energies in one point for a need
You[if i make myself right] dont have to go this way..
the possibilites are endless..

2nd phase of this project [project: robotek] is when the energy gathers form the horizon to the unit and it

will create space to work..
important===> remember the "zero" point - its the most important centre of the organism responsible for mind

immunity [so You wont go "crazy"]

-=...= to the point we attach the countdown in the form of point/dot
where one=1 is a single point[.] and the next larger by a unit-dot[:] and so on..

. <------ thinking about the point plus+ counting in form of points/dots

in that thinking the mathematical space is created and logicly shaped.
every energy created is growing in all directions simultaneously - is undirected..

i was thinking about this project for around 6 years
i would like to expand this subject with someone at the proper level.
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Posted 18 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
you know....
i will get one of my friends...
life near me...
he is good in english and will translate...

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Posted 15 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
Co Nas Różni, To Nas Jednoczy...


Looks Like Begining...

Waiting for your reply...

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Posted 15 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
ta metoda danej jednostce wzmacnia wlasciwosci psycho-aktywne...
jakby kolejny nerw odpowiedzalny za zmysly staje sie dostepny...

nie chce zeby moj projekt trafial do wszystkich lecz
tylko do typowanych, dedykowanych jednostek humanoidalnych...
na potrzebe , a potrzeba matka wynalazkow...

w zasadzie chcialbym sie zamknac na ten swiat, tych ludzi i praw nimi

jesli zrozumiecie dla mnie mozecie na poczatku zagwarantowac
ze nie bedzie dostepna wszystkim lecz wybranym....

najlepszy scenariusz pisze zycie....pomoc przychodzi zawsze okrezna droga...

mialem dawniej spory konflikt umyslu gdy po narkotykach poszezyla mi sie swiadomosc... choc w pozytywny jak i negatywny [nawet bardzo] odczulem...
i wtedy na potrzebe [zeby nie zwariowac] zaczelem obmyslac plan jak pozbyc sie
problemu umyslowego [jakas infekcja - jakby mozg mial podlaczony do telewizora... piski, szumy - szok]

pod wplywem natchnienia jako dalo mi spostrzezenie [poszerzone] ze swiat
materialny to nie wszystko.... i nie wszystko to co jest widziane golym okiem.

zastanawialem sie dlugo...
i wymyslilem to jakies 6-7 lat temu wymyslalem pierwsze informacje, dane
ktorych przemyslen powstawaly corawsz to nowsze bardziej zaawansowane
pomysly... i do tej pory wszystko to sie mi w glowie odklada.]

w zasadzie projekt:robotek dotyczy kodowania umyslu na robota....
ale wam staram sie wytlumaczyc logike dzialania od podstaw....

abyscie mieli solidna podstawe prawdy...
uzupelniali bysmy sie dla wzajemnych korzysci....

projektu nigdy nie sprzedam...
tak sie nie da.
a jak bedzie inaczej bedzie to imitacja... ktora odlicza eleminujac do zera
zajscie - sytuacje...

staram sie zrobic stabilne warunki...
chcialbym sie zajac wlasnymi sprawami ale nie moge bo wydaje mi sie ze
ktos moje mysli podsluchuje a ja trace wartosci, zdrowie i niepowtarzalnosc...

to co mi tylko rozumiane- to moje zdrowie i wartosci...

kiedy sa przekraczane granice praw-zasad... daje to nieprzyjacielowi
wladze, sile lecz staje sie materialny w moim umysle i jednoczesnie wiezniem
materi na ktora ja jestem odporny bo jest moja a delikwent ktory czerpie te wartosci z miejsc nie dostepnych - czyli mojego umyslu - [naturalnie i realnie niedostepnych] umysl to taki skomplikowany mechanizm - a ja mam lekki defekt...

aprojekt powstal pozniej niz defekt....i to moja sila....a w zasadzie Moc.


to tyle....
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Posted 15 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#

ok i will write in polish...
but im worry does google translator help eny...

obieramy punkt w naszym umysle [kropka] [np. zielony] wielkosci 1x1mm
[tak jakby w wyobrazni lecz jest to praca sila woli - kiedy myslimy
wykonujemy prace] i ma to mejsce w umysle gdzie kazdy umysl jest inny
jak odcisk palca - ale sa pewne standardy - konstrukcji - schematy]
(ale o tym potem)

punkt ustawiamy w centralnym miejscu umyslu
[podstawiajac/zakladajac!]t.b.c. <---important
mozemy punkt [ale rowiez jest to pomysl - energia] trzymac w myslach
tak dlugo jak sie chce zeby zobaczec jak mysli i umysl reaguje.
ten punkt zaczepiamy w centrum [powstanie on gdzies w przyblizeniu za
horyzontem percepcji - energia powstala rowniez]. mozna jesc, ogladac
tv, biegac...itd... punkt zaczepiony o ktorym mysli sie sila woli to
praca- praca to energia [impulsy i fale w mozgu - elektryczne i radiowe- energia
sam punkt dziala jak generator a praca wykonywana jest bezprzerwy gdy
mysli sie o tym punkcie - zaczepi w wyobrazni w centralnym punkcie umyslu]
-= w moim projekcie tak jest ze w centralnym... w zasadzie to mozna samemu
ustalic w ktorym miejscu punkt lezy lecz centralny jest standardem].

IMPORTANT: ja razem z punktem - tzn. punktowi przypisalem energie o ktorej mysle
ale mozna zapomniec ale sie wie...energia jest generowana....
czyli punkt to -= energia niczego nie ma; nie bylo; nie bedzie
[3xenergie=3x=miejsce- /zakladajac ze-/ funkcja a raczej wartosc]
plus energia destrukcji np/. ogien.- czwarta energia]
i w moim projekcie punkt symbolizuje 4energie - a ja myslac pracuje...
!!-nie trzeba myslec o tych 4 energiach jednoczesnie lecz przypisac[wiedziec]
i jedynie myslec o samym punkcie reszte zrobia reakcje i reakcje lancuchowe=
=naturalne i natura robi reszte sama..]
pozostaje czekac az punkt-generator wlasna sila woli nazbiera bardzo malej energi[w skali swiata- lecz w skali jednostki- wystarczajacy\ w tym punkcie gdzies za horyzontem [wynika tak z moich ustalen]....

energia i tak zza horyzontu dotrze do autora pracy i w sposob naturalny
wzmocni, uodporni i b3edzie soba rosla.....nalezy sie zrelaksowac i myslec z punktem, punktem lub o punkcie. energia sobie rosnie i [IMPORTANT]
=>>>=- ma sie nic nie zmieniac!! <-- important

w zasadzie to moze trwac dlugo zanim zza hotyzontu energia dotrze do autora
danej jednostki myslacej - praca umyslowa]

ale dzieki mozliwosci zorganizowania sie z wami - co-operative
w zasadzie, teoretycznie moja teoria projektu w czesci mojej prawdy
jaka twoze umozliwia samodzielne ustalanie shematu dzialania - myslac...

sami mozecie zbudowac wlasny model logiki na bazie tej wiedzy - metody...

w punkcie zero "kazda" typowana jednostka [ta ktora wzmacnia projekt
=w punkcie zero - jest zawsze sama, nastepne wszystko kolejne to
po prostu "upgreade" w umysle... projekt tez.....
tak samo jak pamiec- gdy np. sobie przypominamy jakis chwile widzimy,
wyobrazajac sobie obraz[np. katem oka] - z moich wyliczen wynika to
ze czlowiek ma taki upgreade od przodków [boga??]- kosciól

to mozliwe..... ja postawilem na to ze swiadomosc to glownie uczucia i
tylko to pozostaje - np. ja czuje - w swiadomosci - co robilem wczoraj -
jest tez to pamiec - czuje co pamietam daje mi to wyobrazenie o
doswiadczeniu jakie zdobylem. - to moja swiadomosc....
nie wierze [w zasadzie] obraz w pamieci przeciez moze byc falszywy
a uczucia - natury nie da sie oszukac...

w zasadzie polaczylem 4 energie w jednym punkcie na potrzebe...

wy [jak ja "dobrze" wytlumacze] nie musicie isc ta droga...

mozliwosci jest nie skonczenie wiele....

drugi etap tego projektu [projekt: robotek] to po tym jak sie energia
uzbiera od horyzontu do jednostki utworzy miejsce do pracy...
wazne ===> pamietac o punkcie "zero" - jest to najwazniejszy
osrodek organizmu odpowiedzialny za odpornosc umyslowa [na dac sie zwariowac!!]

-=...=do punktu przypisujemy odliczanie czy liczenie pod postacią "kropki"
gdzie jeden=1 to jedena kropka [.] a nastepny o jedena jednostke-
kropke=wiekszy[:] i tak coraz wiecej...

. <--- myslec o punkcie plus + liczenie w postaci kropek

przy tym mysleniu wytwaza sie pole juz matematycznie i logicznie uksztaltowane.

kazda energia powstala rosnie we wszystkich kierunkach jednoczesnie -
- jest nieskierowana...

dlugo moge pisac ale czy widzicie w tym przekaz mysli....

w dodatku mam spore wlasciwosci, wartosci, i wlasnosci...
chcialbym z kims na poziomie rozwinac temat....
w zasadzie wszystko skonczylem...

ale powiem jeszcze za nad pomyslem siedze juz ponad piec lat....

dajcie znac czego nie rozumiecie....

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Posted 14 Jan 2012 by Profile #Con.#
History go forward to one point - end.

I can cheange direction of truth.
And go greater in my posibility...

People science "can" be wrong and fall deep in our species.

But not my.

You dont want co-operative with me. Its your choice but you dont fill
your dreaming with your empty imagination to over.

Soon i will make place to work alone.

Almost is done. Just needed organize.

I was hope valors of yours posibility can it.

Maybe i never proof [or meybe dont want] but i know and my valors grow too.

You be just talking and searching for seans and never seen more witch is posible

going foward with closed eyes.

You cant loose. We are not together. Every unit is alone [in my truth - description of] and have responsbility of only his work [action {reaction}]
Portal of as work exist only in assupcion and stey in past if everything is done correct with principals/rules. [ex. mathematic]

We [can] be only in assumpcion. Then exist posibility and thinking.


I find another way and place.

Thats what i describe is enought to imagine in mind.

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Posted 12 Dec 2011 by Profile #Con.#
my truth going forward in this direction [in rule/principal]
.where i be alone...
and done....

so if you want "connect" to me in "some metodh"

remember..what is direction of my truth - alone
and then in assumption by tangent - greater..


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Posted 12 Dec 2011 by Profile #Con.#
Nick: i want [is posible] but not rigth now describe more [can will be but we must
co-operative together]
im there few persons witch intresting this subject...
but we all dont speek much then once.

every unit can abort and leave my project and work alone. [and save - not lose valors witch made]

for/in my truth russia is mother of nations...

mind contorl - mkultra - work of usa...[i say like that- they degradate me
{i feel} -they do it...

becouse they want take place, becouse his program work like that
but this is my place - mind,body,head..what any else...

i say like that - what they do when i done cut them from me..
science going in the wrong way. scientis do not nothing wrong
but usa laws and campaign does...

i see problem.... i need units/persons witch do whit me co-operation
becouse rules/principals [like my{not only}]are gretest then law...

can you imagine that??

if you imagine that what is behind "point" - You Be...

Next 20

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