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21) Message boards : Number crunching : Boinc Deletes SETI? (Message 1415007)
Posted 13 Sep 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
You aren't using an account manager (grid republic or bam) are you?
22) Message boards : Number crunching : Lunatics - Should I be using a different MB GPU app? (Message 1410734)
Posted 2 Sep 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
One other thing you might find is leaving a CPU core free to feed the GPU. OpenCL apps seem to benefit greatly from this. Just set the "use % processors" to some value less than 100 (eg 87.5% for your i7-2600 machine).

Also check your driver version. It says unknown which might just be BOINC doesn't know, but maybe the driver isn't the best one for your card.
23) Message boards : Number crunching : 2013 Fundraiser (Message 1403064)
Posted 14 Aug 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
And here's a donation from me

Thank you for your gift of $250.00 via Visa on 08/14/2013.
Your gift will benefit the following area:

SETI@home - $250.00

Your confirmation number is: 116355
24) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI ASIC Chips (Message 1387994)
Posted 5 Jul 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor

Sure it will work. We already can use the Raspberry Pi.

I have a RasPi (actually 2). From the first batch even. I was of course curious about crunching with the Pi. I installed the software, pretty straight forward.

Fact is that with MB V6 my RAC stabilised at about 14. I do not know if the software has been upgraded to V7, but it would for sure not top higher than 7 (no pun intended... or yes? ;-) ).
So, it is fun, but actually of very little use even for the not die hard credit seekers.

Happy crunching!


See Daniel Carrions blog here for various Raspberry Pi apps including multi-beam v7. Yes they are rather slow but at $35 each you can have a few of them.
25) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI ASIC Chips (Message 1387576)
Posted 4 Jul 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
When I first brought up the possibility of ASIC chips, I was not so interested in speed as I was cost of ownership vs. number crunching. If we look at the price of a pc with all of its hardware to crunch and then add more and more expensive hardware to crunch then to some, it becomes cost ineffective to crunch. Not to mention the price of electricity a pc and it's associated hardware uses.

If we have chips that are low power and low cost, then we could build crunching rigs as we go. If I was not sending less on electricity, then I could add some more chips to a rig as I went. It would increase the crunching.

Now, I know about the Parallella, so do you think something like it could work?

Sure it will work. We already can use the Raspberry Pi. The Parallella is a dual core ARM A9 so it's like two Pi's. The unknown is how well the Epiphany chip will run a SETI OpenCL app.
26) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI ASIC Chips (Message 1386625)
Posted 1 Jul 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
<edit> Here's another interesting link which came up in the google search. Looks like somebody has been playing around with idea.

That's the one I mentioned before only I didn't link to it. Could have been interesting if they got it to work.

I am awaiting the Parallella to see how they go, although the small number of cores will presumably be one of its limitations (when compared with a GPGPU).
27) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI ASIC Chips (Message 1386361)
Posted 1 Jul 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
Really does it matter about limits? If they can't port the app to run on an FPGA then they certainly aren't going to be making a chip to run the app. All this talk about limits and bitcoin mining is hypothetical and irrelevant to the subject.
28) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI ASIC Chips (Message 1386233)
Posted 30 Jun 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
Mike Hewson posted this last November and an update this morning.

Looks like there's potential there, especially if they meet their pricing goals. ;-)

Apart from the Parallella there was an attempt to port SETI to FPGAs which is mentioned over at I say attempt because there hasn't been an update since Jan 2013.
29) Message boards : Number crunching : How do I make time of day restrictions work? (Message 1381395)
Posted 15 Jun 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
You did set computing allowed based on prefs didn't you? From the activity menu across the top. It also allows for GPU settings and network (run always, prefs or never). Just setting the times isn't enough you also need to tell it to use them.
30) Message boards : Number crunching : Best way to free cores when running multiple projects (Message 1378748)
Posted 9 Jun 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
Not the right thread but anyone knows who to make the boinc to run for example:

2 GPUGrid WU + 4 Cuda WU + 6 CPU task fixed on the same host

Explain: I have 2x690 and want to run GPUGrid on one GPU (2 WU) and SETI on the second (4 Cuda WU) the rest is to be crunched by the CPU, ask because i donĀ“t want to leave the scheduler choose what to run, i want to decide how many task of each king will run at any given time.

I know there is a set for fix the max number of concurrent task (max_concurrent) on each hosts, but the user manual does not expain if the setting is for each project or the setting is global.

About all you can do is exclude GPUgrid from one and vice-versa on the other one. Use the exclude_gpu tags in cc_config to do this. It causes scheduling issues though.
31) Message boards : Number crunching : win 7 ??? (Message 1372722)
Posted 28 May 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
I had a problem with the Nvidia drivers wanting to install their sound drivers and overwriting the mobo ones. These days when installing Nvidia drivers I only do the video driver. Custom install -> deselect everything except the video driver. Tick the Clean install option. And that should leave whatever sound drivers your mobo uses behind.

Also windows update keeps offering to install the Nvidia sound drivers so don't let it.
32) Message boards : Number crunching : Now that v7 has rolled out.......... (Message 1372422)
Posted 27 May 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor

Much praise to Jason.

Here's why I mention it; the work is flowing out, the video cards are taking ten times as long to do the new work, it is getting returned, and the validators are off-line (last I checked).

So Einstein "pushed" a new app to people, sent them work, and can't / won't / aren't validating it (last I checked, some hours ago). I haven't noticed anyone going into hysterics.


Fear not. They said they will be turning the validator on Monday because they want to keep an eye on it when it starts running for the first time
33) Message boards : Number crunching : Log/Tracking Tool (Message 1365380)
Posted 7 May 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
BOINC logx might help. I haven't used it myself but its supposed to be a logging tool for BOINC clients. Maybe those who have experience with it could chime in here.
34) Message boards : Number crunching : New client only runs 1 sec out of 10 (Message 1362431)
Posted 29 Apr 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor

Upgraded o the latest client (7.0.64(x64)) and now whenever a gpu task is started, it will only run for about 1 sec out of 10. I had no tasks queued when upgraded. Old client was running Lunatics and event log seems to pick up xml ok. Project has been reset twice with same result.

Is there a simple solution?


You'd need to un-hide your computers so we can look at some details.

Can you be a bit more specific than "run for about 1 sec"? I assume you mean they error out almost straight away, but we'd need to look at the task errors, etc.

If you are worried about your privacy have a look at what information is shows for the tasks and computers, there is nothing personally identifiable. We can't even see the computer names (although you can).
35) Message boards : Number crunching : Question on memory settings (Message 1361798)
Posted 27 Apr 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
Are you sure the motherboard running double channel
supports triple channel with the installed processor?

? He didnt ask about that... but no... The 3770 will only support dual channel and the 920 will support triple channel

I didnt ask because I didnt have a clue about asking that:) I just figuered I would get the link read it and then change the settings. thats why I ddint give any specs.

Its an ASUS P8Z77-V LK LGA 1155 intel Z77 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard with UEFI BIOS

My memory is Kingston Hyper X Blu 8 GB (2x4GB) 240 pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333 destop memory model KHX1333C9DB1k2/8gb

CPU is Intel I7 3770 Ivy bridge 3.4 Ghz (3.9 ghz turbo) LGA 1155 77W quadcore.

But if the I7 3770 only will do dual I guess I dont have to worry about it.

So thanks for the heads up on that.

I usually set the memory into XMP mode and it will chose the best settings for it. The Kingston Hyper X support XMP. I have similar spec P8Z77's but with the 1600Mhz memory.
36) Message boards : Number crunching : Development BOINC 7.0.62 (Message 1356556)
Posted 13 Apr 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
7.0.62 change log
- MGR: Remove fix of text for the 'reread config files' menu option
37) Message boards : Number crunching : Development BOINC 7.0.62 (Message 1356555)
Posted 13 Apr 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
7.0.61 change log
- Remove more dead projects from project list.

- client: don't prefix <task> messages with [task]

- client: major overhaul of work-fetch logic based on suggestions by Jacob Klein. The new policy is roughly as follows: Find the highest-priority project P that is allowed to fetch work for a resource below buf_min
Ask P for work for all resources R below buf_max for which it's allowed to fetch work, unless there's a higher-priority project allowed to request work for R. If we're going to do an RPC to P for reasons other than work fetch, the policy is:
For each resource R for which P is the highest-priority project allowed to fetch work, and R is below buf_max, request work for R.

- client: work fetch message tweaks: show state before actions.

- client: detect new Win versions and AMD GPUs; from [P3D] Crashtest.

- Unix: Fix for "make clean" not removing .a files in lib/

- client: piggyback requests for resources even if we're backed off from them.

- client: change resource backoff logic. Old: if we requested work and didn't get any, back off from resources for which we requested work. New: for each resource type T: if we requested work for T and didn't get any, back off from T. Also, don't back off if we're already backed off (i.e. if this is a piggyback request). Also, only back off if the RPC was due to an automatic and potentially rapid source (namely: work fetch, result report, trickle up).

- client: fix small work fetch bug.

- client: fix bug in work fetch that prevented resource backoff.

- client: AMD GPU names; from Jord.

- client: AMD GPU name tweaks.

- client: fix bug that could cause idle GPUs when exclusions are present. The basic problem: the way we assign GPU instances when creating the "run list" is slightly different from the way we assign them when we actually run the jobs; the latter assigns a running job to the instance it's using, but the former doesn't. Solution (kludge): when building the run list, don't reserve instances for currently running jobs. This will result in more jobs in the run list, and avoid starvation. For efficiency, do this only if there are exclusions for this type. Comment (David): this is yet another complexity that would be eliminated if GPU instances were modeled separately. I wish I had time to do that.

- client: put back --detach (because BoincTasks? assumes it) and --detach_console (because the documentation says it exists). I'm not sure why --detach_phase_two is there, but leave it.

- client: fix bug in work fetch that caused infinite RPCs if all projects backed off.

- boinccmd: show correct error message if auth failure.

- MGR: Fix minor cosmetic issue rendering Task Selection Control in Simple View on Mac.

- MGR: Check the size of the stats vectors before attempting to tabulate the results.

- MGR: Fix the text for the 'reread config files' menu option.

- client: Make the detach console stuff backwards compatible with BOINCTasks.

- WCG: Fix bug in WCG version of client when using the project_init.xml file it initiate auto-attach to World Community Grid.

- WCG: Add signing requirement to installer. Need Rom to add key location and key password to file when he builds
38) Message boards : Number crunching : Development BOINC 7.0.62 (Message 1356553)
Posted 13 Apr 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
Its been a while so here are the latest change logs...

7.0.60 change log
- Update all_projects_list.xml

- MGR: fix crash bug in Simple View preferences dialog

- client: on startup, if new version, arrange to get new project list

- alphabetize fields in prefs structure

- client emulator: simulate project-requested backoff after work fetch

- XML parser: return error if string exceeds buffer size.

- client: when parsing MD5, use 64 instead of 33 char buffer. When the XML parser reads a string, it enforces the buffer size limit BEFORE it strips whitespace. So if a project put whitespaces before or after the MD5, it would fail to parse

7.0.59 change log
- Remove Beta/Alpha flag for Linux builds.

- MGR: Revise how CPU Architecture is determined in the about dialog box per Gianfranco's recommendation

- Manager (Win): case-insensitive check for .exe ending of exclusive apps

- client: if <dont_check_file_sizes> is set in config, still check for errors (e.g. verify failures) at startup, and reset file if so. Otherwise we'll never recover from those errors

- client: rename two different functions named backoff() to make it easier to see what's going on.

- fix code formatting in manager

- client emulator: ignore non-CPU-intensive apps

- client: code cleanup. Some variable/function/constant names contained "debt" when they actually refer to REC. Change these names to use "rec".

- client, work fetch: request # instances so that we have enough jobs to use project's share of instances.

- client emulator: if client_state.xml doesn't have <no_rsc_apps> for a project, and the project doesn't have apps for that resource, the project can be asked for work for that resource

- client emulator: if try to do RPC to a "down" project, back off

- client emulator web interface: show simulations in reverse chron order

7.0.58 change log
- XML parser: when skipping unrecognized elements, don't read them into memory

- MGR: Update copyright year

7.0.57 change log
-client: alphabetize log flags

- client: there were many places in the code where we keep track (usually in a static variable called "last_time")of the last time we did something,and we only do it again when now - last_time exceeds some interval. Example: sending heartbeat messages to apps. Problem: if the system clock is decreased by X, we won't do any of these actions are time X, making it appear that the client is frozen. Solution: when we detect that the system clock has decreased, set a global var "clock_change" for 1 iteration of the polling loop, and disable these time checks if clock_change is set.

- client: a couple of more clock-change fixes

- Client: debug last commit. Also fix bug where benchmarks don't end when clock goes backward

- client: updated Windows version identification, from Robert Kress

- client and wrapper (Linux): when parsing /proc/x/stat entries, handle command names that contains white space

- client: improve work fetch messages

- MGR: Add missing static text back to the welcome page for the attach wizard

7.0.56 change log
- MGR: Modify the GUI for the Attach to Project Wizard for the World Community Grid version of the client. These changes should make clearer the difference between attaching to a new BOINC project vs changing which applications a user is choosing to run at World Community Grid.

- MGR: Further modifications to the World Community Grid installer and skin for BOINC 7.

- MGR: fix build breaks on Win. You can't just say "#elif".

- client: write log flags in alpha order.

- client and boinccmd: update usage text.

- update Unix command completion script.

- update XML man pages for client, manager, boinccmd.

- man page tweak.

- client: removed unused code for old work-fetch logic.

- client: fix small work fetch bug that caused the client to not add a piggyback work request when it should have

7.0.55 change log
- WINSETUP: When ENABLEUSEBYALLUSERS is true, create the automatic run key in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE registry space. When it is false use HKEY_CURRENT_USER.

- client (and maybe others): fix XML parsing bug when skipping large unrecognized elements

- client: don't show cache size in startup messages

7.0.54 change log
- MGR: Center the Simple View slide show area, fix wrapping of project description text when project has no slide show

- Client: on read_cc_config() GUI RPC, reread app_config.xml files as well as cc_config.xml

- Attempt to fix appearance of Simple View buttons on Windows

- MGR: Fix a minor glitch rendering corners of backgrounds of Task and Project areas in Linux Simple View

- MGR: Limit event log to 2000 messages, deleting oldest if necessary

- boincmgr: patch to change temporaries to long. Fixes# 1226 (From: Alyssa Milburn) Thanks Gianfranco Costamagna

- client: change work fetch policy to work better with GPU exclusions scale amount of work request by (# non-excluded instances)/#instances

- change policy: old: don't fetch work if #jobs > #non-excluded instances new: don't fetch work if # of instance-seconds used in RR sim > work_buf_min * (#non-exluded instances)/#instances

- client: add --suppress_net_info cmdline option

- Client/manager: isspace() throws an exception on Win for non-ASCII chars. Check isascii() first.

- client emulator: fix crash if you have active tasks of non-CPU-intensive projects

- client, work fetch policy. Change policy for projects w/ GPU exclusions

- client (FreeBSD): detect running on batteries; from rustyBSD

- client: add <fetch_on_update> config option; requests work when you update a project even if it's not highest priority

- MGR: Make the flags to InternetReadFileEx() match those of InternetOpen(). Mixed flags can cause unpredictable results.

- MGR: if InternetReadFile() sets ERROR_IO_PENDING error, we need to call it again to get the next chunk of data

- client: parse <fetch_on_update> config flag, and show it on startup

- MGR: Fix memory leaks, add debug fprintf's trying to find cause of crashes when retrying load of images in notices

- manager: don't show DCF in project properties page if it's 1

- build: Add -Wcast-align to list of compiler warnings we are interested in. It'll help prevent crashes in CPU Architectures that are strict on there alignment policies. (From: Jeffrey Walton)

- client: Revert my changes for the --detach_console functionality back to the original implementation

- MGR: Remove temporary debugging fprintf's

- Manager (and possibly other components): XML parsing fix

- MGR: Disable the download of image files for now. Revisit policy after the next public release.
39) Message boards : Number crunching : SETI Hardware Fundraisers: 2013 The Year of the Servers (Message 1354961)
Posted 9 Apr 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
I was wondering the same. I do hope he is well. There doesn't seem to be any activity on the GPUUG site either. Anyone heard from Slavac recently?
40) Message boards : Number crunching : program has borked..... (Message 1348654)
Posted 20 Mar 2013 by Profile MarkJProject donor
last week i noticed on the little icon in the bar at the bottom of the screen(boinic icon) that it has a little red thing on it,i press it and it comes up with " reconnecting to client" and my whole program appers to have been whipped clean,theres just nothing there anymore,no work,no transfers ,no disck usage (the pie grapgh says zero disc space in use.
did something go haywire at berkelly or is it my machine?

The red dot is indicating the manager can't talk to your core client. The manager is the GUI bit that shows the project, tasks and so on. The core client is the bit that schedules the tasks does the file transfers and so on.

I would suggest you exit the manager and then reboot to see if they will talk to each other. If they don't then we would need to work out why they won't talk.

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