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Posted 4 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe

“Anger is a wind which blows out the lamp of the mind." ~~Robert Green Ingersoll

Peace, all.

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Posted 4 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
Perhaps we all need a little perspective.
Seems to have worked, drug busts went down over 70% in two years.

Interesting articles, Gary, but they focus on drugs such as meth, heroine, etc. Nowhere did I even see a mention of marijuana...
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Posted 4 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
Alcohol is legal
Has your doctor gulped a few quick shots before operating on you?
C'mon people, the world won't slip into reefer madness if the stuff is decriminalized.

Get off the fear wagon.

@Robert, well said. Fear breeds more contempt, anger, and violence than pot ever would. ;)

@Tom, I didn't expect you to write the next War and Peace here in answer to my posting. LOL Picked out a few of your points that I wanted to address. Do with them what you will--have at it. (I kinda wrote my own War and Peace here, heh.)

You just made me feel safer - a surgeon called in on his day off to perform my emergency surgery, A military member handling nuclear weapons or with a loaded weapon called out for an emergency. A politician/law enforcement offical willing to break the laws they have sworn to uphold. I feel much better now.

Not all surgeons and military are always on-call 24/7, hon. They adjust accordingly.
Do you ever jaywalk? Drive a few miles over or under the speed limit? LE and politicians are people too--no more holier than you are, my friend. IMHO, both of those "crimes" I just mentioned are much more dangerous than smoking a bit of weed on occasion. You asked if they were "better at their profession" when there were high...I don't know, they didn't use it while practicing their profession! That's the point here. :P

Regarding your "what qualifies as a loser, etc" comment, I'll refer you back to what you wrote:

"That they live in poverty,
that they can't hold down a job,
that they have and continue to screw their kids out of the basics that anyone would want for their children.
Doesn't matter. Being able to "party", is more important."

The above definitely sets off my "loser meter", but hey, that's just me. If someone is like that because they want to smoke pot, my guess is that they would be like that even without pot, was my point. Attempting to use smoking as nothing more than an excuse to start and continue the above behavior is pathetic, at best.

The proposal is not to legalize it for one person who has "personal responsibility" - the proposal is to make it available for 200 million folks for whom you have no idea as to what "personal responibility" means.

Personally, I'm hoping that there are MANY more people than just ONE in the USA that understand and practice personal responsibility. Next the government will ban Starbucks and Twinkies because of the fear that not enough people will have the personal responsibility to avoid becoming overweight...or roller coasters, skiing and inline skating because, well--they would "just be looking out for all of those people that don't know any better than to protect themselves, don't ya know".

As to the medical "benefits" - you have any recognized, peer reviewed studies to back that up? Or is it more of my cousin's friend tried it and his acne went away? You have a medical condition that is fixed after 10 days of pot smoking to tell us about?

The WWW or local University does indeed have peer-reviewed articles that include such information--feel free to find them, I did.

I won't attempt to go into the various reasons pot helped my father and mother be able to live better before they passed on from illnesses. I won't talk at length here about friends I've personally witnessed who's serious illnesses were eased by smoking. What I will share with you is this:

I'm a cancer survivor, hon--given a 3% chance to live. I was one of the first people on the West Coast of the USA many, many years ago that was legally allowed use of medical marijuana. I was literally dying from the chemo treatments and their side effects (as well as the cancer...) until I started smoking. Two and 1/2 years of chemo that I firmly believed I never would have survived without the aid of pot. That's enough proof for ME...even if not for you.

I still get the occasional pimple,, in spite of your wondering about how pot "cures acne" I'd be of no help to you there. LOL

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Posted 3 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
So, in my very small voice, restricted to only those that read these posts, and to those I meet in person. I try to head off another disaster.

But I must admit, after reading the postings here, that nothing of my warnings is considered relevant to those that want it legalized.

It's the same when I try to "talk sense into" my brothers.

That they live in poverty,
that they can't hold down a job,
that they have and continue to screw their kids out of the basics that anyone would want for their children.

Doesn't matter. Being able to "party", is more important.

Just as it is here in these postings. Consequences be d@mmed! We want our pot legal.

Tom, while I respect the thoughtful opinion you've expressed in your posting I've snipped out the above quote. You seem to be assuming that if pot were legalized that everyone who smoked would instantly become hopeless, addicted, thoughtless, partying losers.

I've known surgeons, lawyers, military members, scientists, politicians, and yes even law enforcement that have smoked pot--all top members in their fields. Never once have I seen any of them high while working, or around their kids, or while driving, etc, etc. I've seen first-hand how cannabis is a medical benefit to many people. Never once have I seen a life ruined by it that wouldn't have been "ruined" in some other way by that person, because of their innate traits without being high...

The key words here are PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. If someone is a "loser" without regard to consequences of their own actions to begin with, pot isn't going to make them or their lack of integrity any better--or any worse.
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Posted 2 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
also: NOTE the License plate OOPS!!! . . .

Great point! Hmm, perhaps the Vancouver/BC license plate on this vehicle can "answer" whether or not this is a kit car. According to this Canadian auto insurance website you can only qualify for use of a collectors plate and insurance of the collectors plated vehicle by meeting certain standards, one of which is this:

"Your vehicle is a true vehicle, not a "replicar", "replikit" (kit car), cab/chasis, or motor home."

So, am I reading that correctly--that a kit car would not be entitled to use a collector license plate such as the one located on our original vehicle pics posted here?
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Posted 1 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
LOL. This location is on my regular run-route but about 3k from home. I promise to lug the camera along daily and if I see it again will snap many more photos for you to drool over.

kenzie you rock, thank you!

Psssssst, and if you find out it IS a kit car...well...LIE to me, darn it! :P
47) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Is it real or is it Memorix? (Message 881183)
Posted 1 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
Kit kar. Look at the wheels. They are 4 lug VW type wheels. The Lotus used a 5 lug pattern.

Umm....I believe the Lotus 7 Series had 4 lug if I'm not mistaken. Perhaps you're thinking of a different model of Lotus than the Seven?:

Sale ad for real Lotus 7 Series IV

I found another link that states, "The Lotus Seven is a kit." Check this out...

Timelord, the Lotus Seven used in The Prisoner was indeed a kit car. Not all Sevens are...

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Posted 1 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
Well, you are no longer a "lurker" and must now post all the time. Welcome.

LOL! Main Street and 20th Ave, Vancouver was where it was about 9 hours ago. Where it is now, I haven’t a clue.

But I am happy that it was enough to cause a 10 year cruncher to finally post. LOL.

Personally, I want it to be real, but am hedging my bets, Damn, now I wish I had hung around until the owner showed up!

LOL and thank you for the welcome! Ok, since I am now required to post all the time I will long as kenzie is now required to stand at Main and 20th until that vehicle returns so we can get a straight answer from the owner! ;)
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Posted 1 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
Fit and finish does not look up to spec..... it is just a quick first impression, but I am sticking with it.

If I could touch it I could tell better (and I SO want to touch it! LOL).

Most "upgrade" kits seem to use exterior plywood skinned with aluminum sheet. If I remember correctly Lotus Seven S4 was fiberglass. The pic looks more fiberglass to me, but I could just be wishful thinking, heh.

I'm gonna be dreaming of this vehicle tonight, I just know it.

BTW: I'm honoured to have my name mentioned in your first post ever !!

LOL The pleasure was all mine! I'm mostly a lurker, but I couldn't resist posting when I saw these pics. I'm a bit of a car freak...
50) Message boards : Cafe SETI : Is it real or is it Memorix? (Message 881153)
Posted 1 Apr 2009 by Profile Rhe
Yup, John I agree... Lotus Super Seven Series IV to be exact, I believe (from the early '70's). **pardon me while I drool a moment....

There are a crudload of kit cars available for this model for sure, but I don't believe this is a kit car. AJ why do you think this is, and what make of kit would it be?

Kenzie, thanks for sharing this!

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