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21) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Bracewell probes (Message 1224818)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien

It is possible that we have already have been visited by a Bracewell probe?

Or that Bracewell probes offer a more logical first contact?

Bracewell probes offer a better alternative than being visited by alien beings.

There is even a candidate "1991 VG"

What if the famous WOW signal was actually coming from a Bracewell probe?

Any enterprising life form would soon learn that the most effective way to explore the galaxy would be by using these probes.

If these probes exist then it would be a good chance that sooner or later we will pick up one of their signals.

Even if the probes do no exist, there is a very good chance that we will invent them. Bracewell probes may be the human way to explore the universe.

22) Message boards : SETI@home Science : At Least 100 Billion Planets (Message 1224805)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien
I find the Fermi paradox quite haunting

where are they?

Maybe they are only here, scientifically speaking this is all we have to go on.

What if our planet is it, the only planet with life or what we call life on it.

We are all guessing so many things when we postulate other civilisations.

We might be lucky to find a planet with bacteria with primitive ancestor of RNA, but that might be it.

There could be other scenarios as well, what if a life giving planet or other life giving planets existed in this part of the galaxy before... and we are products from that life giving planet...the left over bits of primitive bacteria.

The planet and solar system may have been primed by this earlier planet..or planets.

That could be grim for the possibility of life else where..this event had a whole lot more time to occur..making the odds that is even more difficult to produce life even greater.

23) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Why are we just listening? Not transmitting? (Message 1224804)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien
You could have a solar powered array....
24) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Why are we just listening? Not transmitting? (Message 1224803)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien

I also find it odd that people attribute a fear response to transmitting a signal.

As if it is agreed that making a noise my attract attention.

Isn't that what we want? At least we would know we are not alone!

The odds of finding something are greatly increased by signalling.

I think we should go even further and send signal transmission drones out of our solar system... in all directions.

The signal drones leave a trail of breadcrumbs back to our planet.

25) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Why are we just listening? Not transmitting? (Message 1224799)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien
Everyone is listening but nobody is talking.
26) Message boards : SETI@home Science : So what does these three bars that highlight green at the top tell me? (Message 1224754)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien
I get those exact bars all the time, is it really inference.
27) Message boards : SETI@home Science : Why are we just listening? Not transmitting? (Message 1224751)
Posted 823 days ago by Profile bluealien

If we really want to find something out there, why do we use so much of our resources to only listen.

It seems somewhat hypocritical of us humans to want to 'listen' for a signal but only transmit a handful of decent powerful signals.

What is holding us back, if we REALLY want to find something should be sending a signal 'we are here'

Our results so far is that our part of the universe is dead, or at least to any life intelligent enough to have a radio transmitter.

However we could set something up that works far far into the future, that signals out there getting the attention of potential probes from other planets.

The odds of finding life out there could be dramatically improved.

28) Message boards : SETI@home Science : I have alot of questions (Message 667229)
Posted 2469 days ago by Profile bluealien
Thankyou for the reply ML1.

It answered most of my questions.

29) Message boards : SETI@home Science : I have alot of questions (Message 665790)
Posted 2471 days ago by Profile bluealien
Hey Meltwreakage.

It dosen't bother me how fast we are crunching it, I mean as long as it is interpreted at some point.

Like in the other threads what I am interested in is what all this data means, and if the signals which we are watching may mean something.

Some people say they have high number of spikes i other threads for example and seti has certain areas it relooks at.

So there are obviously areas a little better than others.

I find this intreaging, because what are these variations... if its natural its still interesting.

Is there data here that is important for some other purpose.
30) Message boards : SETI@home Science : I have alot of questions (Message 665716)
Posted 2472 days ago by Profile bluealien

This may be of interest to seti@home peeps working hard on the project and how people out there precieve how they are helping.

I only just downloaded BOINC and decided to help with seti@home, I am no techno geek but I just like the idea of helping with a project like this.

When I first came home in the first week of downloading BOINC I would look at my screensaver and think this is awsome comptuer is helping search for E.T signals.

I actually probably like other people sat for about an hour dazed at the graphics and the little spikes wondering what it all meant.

Then i had some questions to which i had no immediate answer too.

Like what happens to this data, does it just get downloaded onto a computer somewhere and it its not a proper signal just ignored?

Do people get signals with more spikes than others, that are not like a signal but have unsual amount of spikes?

Do some signals have something 'close' to a signal besides the most famous one, where is all the action happening?

If i did spot a signal what would that mean, sometimes i see some bands with unusual amounts of spikes and think oh... but then it just dissapears... will seti just crunch that data...what input besides our cpu do we have?
I could understand if all the signals where all the same all the time but they are not.

Am i being a dumbo what does all this data mean..

I really want to know...

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