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Posted 24 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Three down - one to go. I will see nieces and nephews soon.

Dear Eric and Angela,

Thank you for your online donation to Americans United for Separation of Church and State! Your support will bolster AU's many legislative, legal, grassroots and educational efforts to protect and shore up the wall of separation.

Below is a summary of your gift. You may also access a receipt online by clicking on this link: xxxx

If you receive Church & State magazine, $18 of your annual giving is its non-deductible subscription fee. The remainder of your total annual giving is deductible to the full extent of the law.

If you have any questions about your donation, please reply to this email or call us at the number below.

On behalf of AU's staff and Board of Trustees, thank you again for your generous gift in support of Americans United, and your passion for church-state separation.

Barry W. Lynn

Barry W. Lynn, Executive Director

PS - Double your contribution at no cost to you; find out if your employer has a matching gifts program!

Your Name and Address

Eric and Angela Korpela

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Amount: $ xxx.xx

Payment Method: Discover ending in xxxx

Date: 11/9/2016
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Posted 24 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Two down, two to go.

Dear Eric and Angela ,

Thank you so much for your generous gift to the American Civil Liberties Union.

We’re facing some of our biggest and most challenging legal battles — and we’re being called on at every turn to defend the rights and liberties that we cherish. Your support helps ensure that we have the resources we need to prevail.

With gratitude,

Anthony D. Romero
Executive Director
American Civil Liberties Union

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American Civil Liberties Union
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Posted 24 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
One down, three to go.

Dear Eric and Angela,

Thank you for making a donation to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Your gift will have a profound impact in our fight against hate groups and support our work in classrooms and courtrooms across the nation.

Today, we're facing a new reality – a president-elect who has denigrated people because of their race, their religion, their ethnicity, their gender, and more.

Our mission is to hold Donald Trump to what he is saying now – that he will be a president for all Americans and that he will work to bind the wounds of division, wounds that his own words have caused.

We're already at work.

The day after the election we provided resources to our nation's teachers to help them begin to heal the scars that the campaign has left on their students.

And we've alerted the country to the reaction of white supremacists to Mr. Trump's election in an effort to inoculate the nation against their growing influence.

Tomorrow, and every day in the future, we'll fight for the rights of the most vulnerable people in America – those victimized by bigotry and discrimination.

We hope Mr. Trump truly means what he says about reaching out to all Americans.

We are so grateful to know that there are people like you on our side, people who are so passionate about justice and equality. With your gift, you are there — by our side — when we're fighting hate, teaching tolerance, and seeking justice for those who have no other advocate.

Your personal commitment to SPLC's work for justice and tolerance is deeply appreciated and it will make a difference in the lives of the people we help.

Donation Date: 11/9/2016
Donation Amount: $XXX.XX
Credit Card: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Your pending charge may appear as: BLK* Nonprofit
Confirmation Number: 4787349671536248404087

Morris Dees Signature
Morris Dees
Founder, Southern Poverty Law Center

P.S. A tax receipt will be mailed to you for your gift. Electronic versions are also available upon request.
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Posted 24 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
I plan to triple my contributions to Convention of States.

I do not agree with this group's platform and I find your suggestion to be unhelpful.

I do not consider dissension to be "flaming", so I will not hide your post.

I will, however, identify it as being nonconstructive.
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Posted 25 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
In this thread, please post your suggestions for how to advance a progressive agenda.

Flames, even gentle ones, will be hidden.

Here is what I am planning to do in my "first 100 days"

1. Triple my annual contribution to the American Civil Liberties Union
2. Triple my annual contribution to the Southern Poverty Law Center
3. Triple my annual contribution to Americans United For the Separation of Church and State
4. Spend more time babysitting my nieces and nephews, to help shape and guide their young hearts and minds as they grow

I hope to add to this list, based on your suggestions.

Let us look forward with strength, hope and love.

Peace on Earth.
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Posted 25 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
In a democracy, people get the government that they deserve.

Peace on Earth.
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Posted 28 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
I just enjoy winning at Carlos' expense...
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Posted 28 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
However it is very hard for some sectors of the political spectrum to engage in self denial when the plate is fat so there can be a plate when times are lean. They tend to see more and more problems that a few $$ could fix and very soon the debt goes up even in fat times.

Greed is a powerful motivating force that crosses political lines and all sorts of other divides. Taxes, properly applied, can help to mitigate the worst effects of greed.

I am proud to be a "tax and spend" liberal, but I am also a "tax and save" liberal. You no doubt noticed that the national debt has hardly been mentioned this election cycle. That is one of the TRUE crimes of this election cycle!

I think that taxes are a good way to redistribute wealth, even if I do not always like the way my government spends my tax dollars.
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Posted 28 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
I have read many comments like this.
"- We need a change. Things are about to derail this country. And of course, he may not be the right person for the job - but we must in any case try something new."
Well, for one thing.
Bringing jobs back home wont happen in decades.
Not in the US or Europe.

Funny you should mention that bit about jobs in the USA and in Europe...

Economic recovery from the 2008 economic crash has been more robust (...not perfect, mind you, but relatively more robust...) than in most European countries. Why, you ask? Well, President Obama opened a national purse and spent from it, while several countries in the European Union instead tried the policy of "fiscal austerity" (or imposed fiscal austerity upon others).

Does this mean that I care not one whit about our National Debt? Absolutely not!!! Our National Debt embarrasses and troubles me deeply, but there are times when heavy government spending is warranted. Economic recession/depression is one of those times.
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Posted 28 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Angela, with all due respect, I'm not a progressive because of what those policies have done to inner city America. Detroit, Baltimore and more. Controlled by 'progressive' policies that have not improved their residents situation in 50 years.

Time for a real change, not a promise that's a lie meant to enrich just one family.

JaundicedEye, please know that the respect is mutual.

The last time we had a Progressive Government, FDR was spending us out of a depression (...and ramping up a war effort.)

Urban decay has many causes, racial discrimination being the primary cause. To blame "progressive politics" for urban decay seems a bit simplistic to me, especially since President Obama (who I support and think has done a very good job, given the economy he inherited and the number of global crises facing all of us), did not deliver unto me, upon a silver platter, my much desired socialist utopia.
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Posted 28 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Damm it Angela you are lucid, that's what being educated can do to you.

How do you know it isn't the wine?
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Posted 28 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
I rarely post in Politics. All I can say to "rationalize" this post is that Eric is at a Cal football game right now (Go Bears!) and I am home self-medicating a cold with several glasses of a nice, crisp Pinot Grigio.


I had the radio on in the car the other day and I heard somebody describe Trump voters as "down-wardly mobile".

It was a phrase that made me go "hmmmmmmm".

Living happily in the liberal bubble, I have to admit that I do not know a whole lot of Trump voters personally. I grew up in a conservative household, but I am pleased and proud to report that many of my Republican relatives are NOT voting for Trump.

If the polls are to be believed though, the term "down-wardly mobile" does make sense. Most polls of likely voters report that probable Trump voters tend to be white males without college degrees, and presumably their family members. Without an investment in higher education, these voters are more likely to have jobs that do not pay well. Or if their jobs involve a skill and actually pay decently (like the absolutely lovely, hard working husband of one of my nieces - he works as a machinist for a paper company in Wisconsin), then those people are probably victims of managerial over-time abuse and their wages, while perhaps relatively good for their geographic area, still lose ground, slowly but steadily, to rises in the cost of living.

Given this, these voters probably DO remember a "great" America in which middle class families could live on a single income (generally dear old dad's) and one parent (mommy dearest) was home to invest time, effort and energy into quality child care and home-making.

(Homemaking and quality child rearing by invested family members are both highly undervalued in our culture, which is a damn shame, but a topic for another thread. Anyway...)

A progressive platform generally involves the following oldies but goodies:

the concept (brace yourselves, non-Canadians and non-Europeans!!!) that healthcare is a right and not a privilege

corporate reform and regulation

doctrine driven by science, not special interests

net neutrality

raising the minimum wage and establishing living wages

higher education without the burden of crushing debt

protection of such "socialista" programs such as Social Security, Medicare and pensions

strengthening of unions, so that workers are treated as human resources instead of exploitable, expendable cogs in a wheel

So here is the question I feel compelled to ask Trump voters:

Why aren't you all raging progressives?

Progressive tenets would clearly help you, and they might even "make America great again."

Why are "dowardly mobile" Trump supporters voting against their own self interests?

YOUR taxes aren't going to go up to pay for all of this... MINE are. And I am voting for Hilary.
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Posted 29 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Park Police officer accidentally shoots himself while fighting raccoon

The poor animal probably was unwell.

When we have visitors, my little woodland friends prefer to hide and have never attacked any guests we've had. With familiar people, they can be quite friendly.
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Posted 29 days ago by Profile AngelaProject Donor
In the summer, when tomatoes are ripe and warm on the vines, I like toasted sourdough French bread, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and some nice sharp cheddar cheese. Yum!
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Posted 3 Nov 2016 by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Thanks Vic. That is very nice.

I'm not sure what you mean by "a thin layer of Crisco", so I'm not sure how your mom made the crust come out right with that. I'm glad you have such nice memories of your family members.

As for the toothpick tip, that is a good one for cakes but not the best way to determine whether a custard pie, such as pumpkin, is done. With custard pies, you actually want to jiggle them a little. The center should still be a little wet, because residual heat will cook the pie through once you remove it from the oven. It is sort of the same idea as removing a roast or poultry from the oven and then letting it rest. In the resting time, the temperature continues to rise due to residual heat in the item being cooked.
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Posted 3 Nov 2016 by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Ang let's be honest... with amount of butter we're putting into these pie crusts there's zero chance of them getting soggy ;)

I find custard pies, even those involving a high butter crust, to be tricky to get right. Custard is easily over-cooked and disgusting when that happens. I generally try to pre-bake the shell some. so that the bottom crust doesn't get too soggy, but then I run the risk of over-baking the shell's outer scalloped edge, no matter how much I try to protect it with aluminum foil or with a pie shield.

If anybody has mastered the perfect pumpkin pie - crisp but not over-baked pie shell, non-burnt edges, softly baked pumpkin custard filling - please let me know. I tried the Cook's Illustrated recipe one Thanksgiving, but my guests were not impressed. C.I. uses brown sugar in the filling and the pie came out more brown than orange. The color was off-putting.
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Posted 2 Nov 2016 by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Gordon, cute pumpkins!

Alex, I've never baked a pumpkin pie in a cast iron skillet before, but it seems like a very good idea to me. Do you need to pre-bake the crust before you fill it, or is does the cast iron get so hot that the bottom crust crisps through without being soggy?

We had 21 trick-or-treaters last night - the most we've ever had! It was awesome!!!
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Posted 31 Oct 2016 by Profile AngelaProject Donor
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Posted 31 Oct 2016 by Profile AngelaProject Donor
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Posted 30 Oct 2016 by Profile AngelaProject Donor
Yes. I took this picture in front of a house around the corner from me. Unfortunately, termites liked it too much.

Wow! The next time we have to take out a tree, I'm going to have to find somebody who can turn the stump into a raccoon for me.

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