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1) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : Sending Messages to ET: Just say no, for now. (Message 1659671)
Posted 31 Mar 2015 by Profile Jon connell
Well, a straw poll tells me we have a perfect explanation for Fermi's "Great Silence" here don't we?
...And there I was looking at the growth of man-machine interfaces and thinking the universe tended instead towards an Asimov's "Childhood's End" - end.

I tend to err towards caution myself too and could easily embrace many of the isolationist attitudes, but then I am not the type to want to be an astronaut or Mars colonist either. Mankind generally is that type of course - and that's the problem.

As a result of that spirit of free-thinking and independent action that we humans possess I strongly suggest that we come together and find ways to put it to the UN that it starts to seriously think about addressing these unplanned communications - preemptively.

Regardless of what Big Science or government proscribes by law ...and with or without organization we can expect people to be sending their own messages - and looking out over a brief multi-century technology scale those messages are likely to get very powerful and effectively targeted very rapidly. Didn't I just read that those independent transmissions are already starting to occur? I think I did. (Matter of fact when I saw the SETI candidate list taken down for service a while back it actually crossed my mind "good, now at least the hobbyists don't have a target list to work from").

In real terms we each stand in a glass-walled planet Earth with no curtains and the lights full-on. To think we can actually hide for eternity - or even are hidden today - is likely extremely naïve.

I haven't done the math, but I suspect that equally unlikely are the odds of any listening intelligences being close (within centuries or millennia) of our own technological level as stated in a few responses here - feels to me that probability would instead drive the technology gap to be cavernously large. We are likely not hidden at all today then. By my logic and thanks to our own people we certainly won't be in the future. Isolationism has been proven time and time again not to work - and in the US's experience, trying to stay out of the pool at all only gets you in deeper water for longer.

Organized or not then, signals are going to be sent - and maybe someday a few received and replied to. Given that I suggest that we had better be driving at least the social spirit of the content and the social and political response to any communication - and we can do that best generationally through education of course.

On a related educational note, perhaps it would not do mankind any harm at all to commit to a project that lasts for a century or even millennia... doing so might even start us all thinking with a more useful perspective and event horizon to our own actions.

Perspective: The direct impact of our own actions today on our grandchildren's, grandchildren's grandchildren's lives is something that we are all of us demonstrably incapable of thinking about in any realistic generational terms today - be it when we pour used oil down a ground-water drain or live in today's resource-consuming, waste spewing lifestyles or vote for geo-political strategies which in retrospect have untenable results like war, famine and genocide.
Teaching a ten year old that our actions today will profoundly influence the planet in 40 generations time might not be such a bad thing for them to learn. ...I'd be happy to get us planning in terms of the roundtrip time to the nearest stars and back even - most of us can't plan our retirement effectively - never mind the retirement of our great-grandchildren's kids.

There are plenty of corporations and governments today that do in fact effectively plan and keep track of events over timescales exceeding that of today's human lifespans... and at least one religious organization to my knowledge that has kept plans and policies in effect for a millennia and a half at least already - and that without the benefit of electronic archives until the last 50 years or even printed paper for the first 1000 years. This kind of planning can be undertaken then - and of course it should.

To be clear, I am absolutely not saying that any resulting contact would be a good thing - and we all know that societies of differing technology levels meeting-up has had a really lousy batting average previously. I absolutely do believe that it is human nature to send signals and to reach out experimentally come what may... and that given that fact alone,(plus if there is anyone out there at all of course), then sooner or later a two-way message is going to be initiated... Some day a generation of people possessing some of our genes will have to deal with the results of that communication, so we might as well try to get our technology, our social planning, our education and societies attitudes ready to respond to it when it does. "Be Prepared" - Boy Scout generational first contact strategy.

Jon Connell, Brooklyn NY

2) Questions and Answers : Windows : Installer problems (Message 1487279)
Posted 11 Mar 2014 by Profile Jon connell
Installation problems 7.2.42

An fyi and a temporary fix...

Problems installing BOINC version 7.2.42 Windows 32-bit - Windows 7 ~March 2014.
I had terrible problems installing the latest cut of BOIC - either with or without Virtual Box.

May be machine-specific, but fyi the error is "Error 2203.Database: C\Windows\Installer\161103.ipi. Cannot open database file. System error - 2147287035".

I haven't had problems in the past (decade). My fix was eventually to activate the hidden Win 7 admin account, install from there as available to all user accounts, then close it down again. (The usual "install as administrator" Win 7 click does not work). Seems to be working now. A PIA though.

Also of note, I could not uninstall either BOIN or Virtual Box without some assistance from a MS Windows cleanup program.

Came out of the blue - no system changes at this end. seems to be something to do with BOINC_user network names and permissions to the Win install folder.


Jon Connell, NYC
3) Message boards : SETI@home Staff Blog : What's new about SETI@home v7 (Message 1379734)
Posted 11 Jun 2013 by Profile Jon connell
Many thanks for the update. I like the sound of the new detection function lots.
Over the years I have been concerned that we were perhaps searching in too narrow an envelope. ...The best we could do at the time of course. Volumes have been written about advanced compression algorithms and their impact on broadcast waveform. With this extension I suspect that you are looking in the right place.

Optimistically speaking, to date we may have been doing a good job searching only for what we expected - and doing so based on the past (and presumed future) 100 years or so of broadcast technology. Fingers crossed.
I hope the upgrade goes peacefully for you.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Jon Connell, Brooklyn, NY
4) Questions and Answers : Web site : very long processing time (Message 632951)
Posted 3 Sep 2007 by Profile Jon connell
I am looking at a work unit that seems to be going on forever. Most units take afew hours on my main machine - 5-ish. This unit - 04mr07aa.874.17250. is running very very very slowly...
The Boinc manager is telling me I have atime of 58 hours with 60 left to completion and a progress of 0.024%. Its is in the middle of a triplet search that seems to go on forever.
LogX - which I installed to try to see what was going on with this unit - has a CPU tim on it of 46:55:33 to date and LogX is reporting that I have 230830:20:01 left.
Do I have a problem? Is this a bad unit or a problem somewhere.
This is the first two weeks of using BOINC, but I never saw this with the old SETI.
help please?
Jon Connell

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