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21) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807970)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
I will offer that some people seem to revel in the pain of

I certainly do not.

I do find it funny when instead of a serious issue getting a reasonable reply to a statement, get some hits :-)

Well, lets look at those hits: -

1: closer to home - I believe I've hit on the UK for approx. the same length of time as hitting on the EU, approx. 5 years at least.

2: G4S is a British company - Incorrect. Up till 2004 Group 4 was a Danish/Swedish company. It became a 3rd part British in 2004.

3: Hitting on the Yanks re Guns - Could not understand why an individual would want so many. J Mercer provided for me anyway, some reasonable & well explained answers.

What I find on Net forums is too many can dish it out but not take it in return.

For me, it is not about nationality bashing to score points or to increase a post count, it's about treating others as you would wish to be treated yourself.

That hood still bugs me. A hood such as that & in that manner impedes one's hearing, one's vision & more importantly one's breathing.

Sensory deprivation is torture.

Company/Government policy side, don't the prison staff have any humanity?

The strong image that photo & hits shows me this: -

I was only obeying G4S Der Fuhrer's orders. That feeble excuse went down like a lead balloon at Nuremburg!

Apologies for bringing up Godwin's Law but that's how strong that image is to me.

Now let's look ahead : - That teenager gets released & still traumatised, what is to prevent him getting hold of a weapon & doing a Dallas in Australia. Fair enough he'll end up dead but how many others go down with him?
22) Message boards : Politics : Computers & Technolgy 3 (Message 1807933)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
Its not Tuesday already?
23) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807913)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
We can argue about this all night Sirius, but in the end, what you've called "Australia's Shame" goes much further abroad than you think.

Didn't you start a thread, now in its 3rd incarnation regarding police brutality?

Jesus Christ, how brutal is this?

"Under its previous corporate guise as GSL, a prison van operated by this firm in Australia was transporting a 46-year-old Aboriginal elder from Western Australia in January 2008 when the man died.

The man, Mr Ward, died from heatstroke and dehydration as a result of being locked in the metal pod without air-conditioning or water on the four-hour journey between detention facilities in summer."

Forget about G4S:

It's an Australian Prison is it not?
It's on Australian land is it not?
The Australian Government granted the contract did it not?

No Checks & Balances in place?

Between the incidents there in 2008 up to our own big cock-up in 2011? Shouldn't that have made those in power start asking serious questions?

Or like every where else, $$$$$ mattered 1st?
24) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807904)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
Personally I hope that the final outcome breaks this particular company enough so that it can be finally buried (with its moral standards it certainly needs to be).


That makes 2 of us at least. Have to agree that the problem is near enough worldwide.

Police, Courts, Prison Service, they're all part of the law & order establishment.

I can't answer for the other countries where they operate but G4S issues commenced in 2008 in Australia & their issues came to light big time here in 2011.

Surely, worldwide rumblings were heard? If not, that says a lot about our respective governments does it not?

Regardless of nationality, abuse of one's civil rights is worthy of comment is it not?

That 1st image stills bugs me...

...the restraints I can understand, but the hood?
25) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807895)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
Flapping my gums? Really?

WHY hasn't the recommendations from the Royal Commission in 1991 been implemented?

That article from the Sydney Morning Herald funnily enough coincides with what was brought up here on this forum then regarding G4S & the Olympics.

ALL the warning signs were there for your local & national government so WHY are images like that being seen?
26) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807892)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
60% into the 2nd decade of the 21st century & it seems that civil right issues worsening not improving. Here's some info from 4 years ago...

"Providing transport and security for prisons is a sensitive matter. Nevertheless, both the Department of Finance and Deregulation in Canberra and the government of Victoria are apparently not bothering with any review of G4S's contracts, or its competence."

G4S in Australia

...must be some very good brown envelopes being distributed!

Is your local & national government that blind to warning signals?

Edit: As it's a private British company, ARE the prison officers ex-pats or upstanding Aussie citizens?
27) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807888)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
So rather than agree that's it's despicable, hit me & G4S.

It doesn't bother me in the least, but will that Royal Commission be like the UK's inquiries?

"Justice Lowell Goddard was on a salary of £360,000, an annual rental allowance of £110,000 and £12,000 a year to cover utilities. Panel members will each receive £565 a day."

UK Child Abuse Inquiry

As an Aussie, do you think it's right that these issues have been ongoing since 1991 & more than likely earlier with hardly any change?

Do you think it's right for civilian or government prison officers should act like gestapo?

That 1st photo looks like something out of the early days of Crime & Punishment magazine depicting someone set up for the electric chair/lethal injection.

What an image!
28) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807882)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
Made no reference to Aussie police, however I can now see the inference.

DOES it matter what organisation it is?

As for the Royal Commission, did they have one in 1991 making 339 recommendations with hardly any of them being implemented?

So that kid is a problem? Does it justify what is being seen?

Were they trained at Gitmo by any chance?
29) Message boards : Politics : Australia's Shame (Message 1807878)
Posted 17 days ago by Sirius B
Many have been commenting on the Police issues in the States. Think some of those commenters should look closer to home.


What's the feeble excuse for this?
30) Message boards : Politics : Society's Role in Education 2 (Message 1807827)
Posted 18 days ago by Sirius B
Instead of sorting out education, they prefer to fight.
31) Message boards : Politics : Cricket 3 (Message 1807815)
Posted 18 days ago by Sirius B
England take 3rd test

Heading into England's 2nd innings thought it could end up a draw, but after Pakistan's 2nd innings collapse :-)
32) Message boards : Politics : Hillary Clinton - the next president of America? (Message 1807610)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
If someone treats me poorly (in work, life, the street..anywhere really) I always have that extra possibility that they are being a d*ck to me just because I am female. Sometimes its not, they are just being a d*ck. However, there is always that possibility. I suspect you don't have to deal with that extra layer of complexity in your everyday life. It is there though, and it is certainly there when it comes to Hillary Clinton.

Another of your misconceptions.

So Hilary had a tough life, so what? Is she the only person to have done so?

Are you aware of the security threats each nation faces?

Just because Clinton was a female Secretary of State did not give her the right to ignore security issues, or do you think that a woman has no need to worry about such matters?

How is it that every time a serious issue crops up, the feminists pop up with all their B/S?

Yes we all know that sexism, racism & discrimination is rife, but to the man/woman in the street, they don't give a shyte whether or not the President/Secretary of State/Secretary of Defence is male or female, all they are concerned with is that they are capable of doing the job to maintain the security & safety of their nation.

BTW & I know you won't like it as you disliked her, but I voted for Maggie. I voted not because she was a woman but a strong leader for that time. Labour - Phhht! The Liberals - Jeremy Thorpe put them on the backburner.
33) Message boards : Politics : Erasing history? (Message 1807584)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B

History tends to teach us some pretty harsh lessons.
34) Message boards : Politics : Erasing history? (Message 1807581)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
No where has freer speech than the USA where the losers can construct war memorials!

Or for Sirius, does the IRA have memorials to their bomb makers?

The North constructed monuments & they did not lose :-)

As for your 2nd comment, I have no idea.

My point is that regardless of reason or cause, if one starts removing monuments, then all monuments that glorify war should be removed.
35) Message boards : Politics : Hillary Clinton - the next president of America? (Message 1807578)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
Again that comes down to common sense. I think most of us are aware of that fact & have come to ignore it to a degree.

2 points here.

1: With the threads on America it has been noted that the participation of non-Americans is not welcome. Well when the International as well as American media state this: -

The position of President of the United States of America is seen as "Leader of the free world", then that entitles non Americans to participate.

2: Leadership. The qualities of leadership is not the be all or end of leadership. The capacity to lead counts as well. To the man/woman in the street, good leadership counts for much. For too many years, the leaders of the "free world" have got too complacent & out of touch with the common people. That can be seen in the back stabbing & in-fighting which has been seen in Europe a la Brexit & current in America.

Surely the "free world" can do much better than what has been seen this year so far?
36) Message boards : Politics : Erasing history? (Message 1807571)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
In that case, the thread title should be changed to encompass America only. That will then prevent us silly non-Americans from commenting :-)
37) Message boards : Politics : Erasing history? (Message 1807566)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
So the North has none?

Are you pro slavery? Or just so insulated across the pond you don't have a clue and shouldn't be posting in this thread?

The thread title is "erasing history". Nowhere does it say "America only"

Also, what has "pro slavery" got to do with it, the thread is about monuments. Are you saying that there is no monuments outside the USA?
38) Message boards : Politics : Erasing history? (Message 1807565)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
IMV it's best left standing. Then people rather than moan about it, can look at it & say "never again" - That would be a better reminder than losing them & having them become a passing footnote of history.
39) Message boards : Politics : Erasing history? (Message 1807559)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
So the North has none?

If one is about to take down monuments due to controversy, then one might as well take down all monuments to war - Isn't war itself controversial?
40) Message boards : Politics : Hillary Clinton - the next president of America? (Message 1807557)
Posted 19 days ago by Sirius B
As far as I'm concerned, when it comes to leadership, gender plays no part. What's so hard to understand with that?

I always wonder about people who accuse 'Groups' (Blacks, Jews, Whites, Women, Men, Gays, et al) of (Fill-in the negatives).

Just wish they would stop projecting their own problems on everyone else.

Right, because there's no such thing as sexism or racism or ..., thus nobody can be on the receiving end of discrimination, and anybody who says otherwise is guilty of projection.

Life must be nice in the CLYDE universe.

& yours it seems! For those with any semblance of common sense between their ears knows that sexism, racism & discrimination occurs.

So we are now at the stage where even a question becomes sexist if that question involves a female?

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