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21) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1744254)
Posted 5 days ago by Sirius B
What will Germany do now if they strike there ?

Merkel is a tough cookie, not that far removed from our Thatcher, any atrocity in Germany will occasion a robust response I am quite sure of that.

That all depends on what you consider robust. Suggest you read up on the Constitution of Germany, specifically Article 87a.

As it currently stands, Germany can only take part in combat outside of Germany via UN Mandate or as part of a NATO alliance.

"Under German law, any military deployment abroad requires parliamentary approval, but this mission may require more than a simple parliamentary vote. The Defence Ministry fears it may require a change in the Basic Law, Germany's constitution, Bild reported quoting an unidentified ministry source.

When West Germany formed a new military for the first time since the end of the Second World War in 1955, the country placed severe constitutional limits on its use in order to prevent any future repeat of the Nazis' crimes.

Although the Bundeswehr's role has expanded and German troops have been serving abroad since 1990, it is believed that under the constitution they may only be permitted to take part in missions with an international mandate, or as part of the Nato alliance.

Lawyers have already raised doubts about the current training mission, and senior ministers are reportedly locked in discussions over whether the new deployment would be constitutional. A change to the Basic Law requires a two-thirds majority in the Bundestag, and a simple majority in the upper house".

& that will not be easy as you might think
22) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1744127)
Posted 5 days ago by Sirius B
... & manufacturers.
23) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1744052)
Posted 6 days ago by Sirius B
Britain is to buy 138 stealth fighter F35 jets in a £12bn deal that will treble the firepower of the UK’s two new aircraft carriers and put the country on a “full war footing” in the Middle East for a generation.

George Osborne reveals today that the centrepiece of the government’s strategic defence review, to be unveiled tomorrow, will be a commitment to give Britain the world’s second most potent carrier strike force after the United States. In an interview with The Sunday Times, the chancellor said Britain should put aside its qualms about military intervention and be prepared to “project our values” around the world.


Hmmm, 2 things wrong with that statemet: - Previous SDR scapped our carriers leaving Britain without any air cover/strike capabilities at sea until 2020 at least. Secondly, it was Britain "projecting" its values on the world that caused this mess in the first place.

I know which planet all of us are living on, unfortunately I can't speak for some individuals.

You can't speak for no one but yourself, time you did that.
24) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1743891)
Posted 7 days ago by Sirius B
This is exactly what terrorist want us to do:(

Oh do be sensible! if you were the authorities in any country you would be doing two things. Firstly making every effort to minimise any threat to life to the public from terrorism. That means giving sensible advice upon how to avoid possible dangerous situations. Secondly you would be working behind the scenes to minimise that danger via the security services.

It sounds to me that the Belgian authorities may have information that gives them cause to think an attack may be likely or possible. In which case they are behaving perfectly correctly.

You have to balance public safety against playing into the terrorists hands. You could say that the more the public get inconvenienced, the more they will lobby their governments to do something about it.

What planet are you on? Janne was right, they have won. That's how terrorism works. 1st a few attacks/bombs then consistently make threats, thereby tying up the emergency services/armed forces (if necessary).

Forgotten the IRA already have we?
25) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1743392)
Posted 8 days ago by Sirius B
I don't want to see armed soldiers on the streets of my country, and curtailed freedom, but neither do I want me and mine blown up either.

If the UK does send in troops, the PM and Parliament know full well that some will not come home alive, that is what wars mean, and therefore not decisions to be taken lightly. Those are the responsibilities that you undertake when you stand for, and and are elected to, high office.

Agree, however, WHAT about after they return home?

Homeless ex-soldier dies

It takes a footballer to state what others should have been saying...

“It seems incredible to me that we are turning our backs on our troops who have taken the Queen’s shilling, sworn the oath of allegiance and offered up their lives to keep us safe and yet in return we do nothing to ensure that they have a roof over their heads and food in their bellies for their remaining years.”
26) Message boards : Politics : Society's Role in Education 2 (Message 1742918)
Posted 11 days ago by Sirius B
If true...

Blind girl 7, banned from using white stick
27) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742916)
Posted 11 days ago by Sirius B
Please try to keep the posts about the subject, and not about each other.

Sadly, that is the topic Gordon. How can those who attack each other sprout B/S about groups like IS?

Before one can debate sensibly about terrorism, one should be able to debate amongst oneselves without the need to sprout B/S or attack others because their views are alien to theirs.

While that continues worldwide...
28) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742904)
Posted 11 days ago by Sirius B
I don't see anything funny about the Paris attack. Perhaps you could enlighten me upon what I appear have missed. We laugh at Janne, not with him.

Who are we?
What have I to do with the Paris attacks?

Ignore "Professor S" Janne, he likes throwing out garbage but as seen too many times, when forced to pick it up, throws schoolboy tandrums. Just laugh at him & move on :-)
29) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742863)
Posted 11 days ago by Sirius B
Hi Bob, well exactly!

At Munich, in 1938, France and Britain agreed to give Hitler the Sudetenland. Chamberlain waves 'a piece of paper' with Hitler's statement that he does not want to go to war. In 1939, Czechoslovakia was invaded, then later in 1939 Poland was invaded. In September 1939 war was declared upon Germany.

Chamberlain was duped and lied to, but at the time in 1938 the British people wanted peace - they would not have supported a war then. Chamberlain wanted a strong Germany to serve as a barrier against expansion by communist Russia. Britain's armed forces were also not ready for a war, and they could not have helped Czechoslovakia anyway if they had been.

The situation today with ISIS is quite different from back then.

Appeasemet is just that. Where is the difference? Our forces cut to the bone, police numbers reduced...

...I see further down your attack on Clyde, your B/S equals his if not worse.
30) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742631)
Posted 11 days ago by Sirius B
Check up on history, Neville Chamberlain negotiated.
31) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742554)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
Until a Strategic Strategy to Defeat them, is implemented.

To do that you would need to take away the reason that people join IS/ISIS/ISIL in the first place. With no members they would simply cease to exist. So how are you going to implement that then?

That can also take in political parties where much of the damage is being done in the first place. The difference being that after they have caused damage they can be voted out, only for the next mob to do something similar.

When people try that with weapons...

...btw, is it 2016AD already :-)
32) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742540)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
A politician with balls.

Dear President Obama,

In the wake of another round of appalling terrorist attacks, I write to express great sadness at the events in Paris, as well as my grave concern about the unreported diffusion of Syrian refugees in the United States.

Last week, the city of New Orleans began receiving its first wave of Syrian refugees. As with former immigration crises and federal relocation policy, Louisiana has been kept in the dark about those seeking refuge in the state. It is irresponsible and severely disconcerting to place individuals, who may have ties to ISIS, in a state without the state’s knowledge or involvement.

As Governor of Louisiana, I demand information about the Syrian refugees being placed in Louisiana in hopes that the night of horror in Paris is not duplicated here. In the wake of these atrocities, I also ask for details on the below:

1) What level of background screening was conducted prior to entry in the United States?
2) In light of the fact that some of those responsible for last night’s attacks held Syrian passports, what additional protections and screenings will be put in place?
3) Will all Syrian refugees seeking relocation in the United States now be cleared by the Terrorist Screening Center?
4) What degree of monitoring will be sustained after initial placement in Louisiana?

As Americans, we embolden freedom and opportunity to the rest of the world, but by opening up our borders and refusing to collaborate or share information with states, you are threatening that reality.

Mr. President, in light of these attacks on Paris and reports that one of the attackers was a refugee from Syria, it would be prudent to pause the process of refugees coming to the United States. Authorities need to investigate what happened in Europe before this problem comes to the United States.


Governor Bobby Jindal

Cc: The Honorable Sylvia Burwell, Secretary, Department of Health and Human Services
Cc: The Honorable Jeh Johnson, Secretary, Department of Homeland Security
Cc: The Honorable James Comey, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigations
33) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742390)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
True Bob, but it does prove the point that not ALL Muslims are terrorists.
34) Message boards : Politics : 7: The Torch is Lit (Message 1742349)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
Funny thing individual thought. Hmmm, how do they crop up in the mind? Less than 24 hours of posting this: - "How she continues to manage it may also determine how history sees her, and what becomes of the European Union and Europe as a whole.

Merkel has lit the touchpaper & unfortunately it is of a substance that CANNOT be put out.", we get Paris.

Now it seems the EU is showing it's true colours...

Israeli Fury

... "“It is puzzling and even irritating that the EU chooses to apply a double standard concerning Israel, while ignoring that there are over 200 other territorial disputes worldwide, including those occurring within the EU or on its doorstep,” it said."...

...shades of 1933!

Even more insulting was the date of release!
35) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742335)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
Quite concise.

& to the point.
36) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742331)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
There are dangers ahead for many. Do not mistake Islam for terrorism. Was Bader-Meinhoff Islamic? Was the Red Brigade Islamic? Was the IRA Islamic?

In the link below, stop & think for a moment...had this been a white person, the outcry would have been shouted from the rooftops by every BHL on the planet.

There are a few f words so DO NOT MAKE THE LINK ACTIVE

Edited for spelling errors.
37) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742330)
Posted 12 days ago by Sirius B
An interesting report...

Why this could happen in Britain

... "But for the moment, the Intelligence and Security Committee’s bleak conclusion that “the Government’s counter-terrorism programmes are not working” seems about right"
38) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742127)
Posted 13 days ago by Sirius B
39) Message boards : Politics : Paris attack (Message 1742122)
Posted 13 days ago by Sirius B
Now this

TGV crash

What has that got to do with the Paris attack? Are you suggesting it wasn't an accident?
40) Message boards : Science (non-SETI) : Philosophy (Message 1742121)
Posted 13 days ago by Sirius B
This is spectacular , please please carry on!

Ices, lollies, popcorn! Deckchairs for hire, roll up Ladies & Gents the show is commencing.

The nearby trees will hear it when the ground their roots are in vibrates and their leaves will likewise hear it if there is air.

Roots vibrating in the ground as in a sort of sympathetic response would not so much be heard as we understand it, rather felt, acknowledged, or sensed. But as we know, the sound that human ears hear is basically due to the eardrum vibrating at different frequencies. So not 100% sure on that one. Good point there though!

Using your 2nd account for silliness?

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